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vozz rs 1.0 helmet

Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet

Vozz RS 1.0

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Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet

The motorcycle helmet industry has just been given one hell of a shake up. Introducing the revolutionary new Vozz RS 1.0 helmet, which has been designed to improve safety and comfort. The RS 1.0 is the first motorbike helmet to feature a hinge and it's a game changer. First and foremost, it allows the safe removal of the helmet in the event of an accident. More of that later, but the new design also allows for two further fundamental changes. Firstly, it's quieter, because the helmet envelopes your chin and upper neck area, preventing wind from entering. Secondly, because of this revolutionary new fit, the Vozz doesn't need a chin strap, because the helmet can't come off your head when the hinge is closed. So it's a doddle to get on and off, no more squeezing your head through a small entrance, no more folding your ears back and no more fiddling blindly to secure a chin strap.

A traditional helmet needs to be sized in such a way to allow you to get the helmet on your head, which puts physical limitations on how close to your head the helmet can fit. Because the Vozz changes the way you put the helmet on, it can fit you better, making for a safer and quieter ride. The RS 1.0 is available in three different shell sizes and three different EPS liners (that's the energy absorbing layer directly beneath the helmet shell), providing six helmet sizes from XS to XXL, covering head measurements 53cm to 63cm. Because of the combinations of shell sizes and EPS sizes, you should be able to get a better fit than a traditional helmet, because it doesn't rely on a comfort lining to achieve the correct fit.

The Vozz RS 1.0 helmet has two buttons, one on each side, which you press to unhinge the helmet. Put the helmet on, then push it closed until you hear the clicks of the two locking mechanisms securing into place. The very first time you put on the helmet, you adjust the chin cup to make the fit bespoke to you, then you're away. The Vozz RS 1.0 is ECE 22/05, AS, NZ, JIS and DOT approved. Remember that when you purchase helmets from the UK, it is supplied with an ECE sticker. Check your local helmet laws to see what your helmet needs to display for it to be road legal. The Vozz weighs 1650g, which is consistent with a flip front helmet. We think that's a good achievement, given the amount of technology packed into the RS1.

If a rider experiences an accident where paramedics think that their head absolutely cannot be moved, such as needing to protect damage to their spine, they can choose to completely separate the two halves of the helmet, via a screw driver. Normally, the helmet hinges open to remove it, but if the two halves of the helmet are unscrewed, paramedics have an even better chance of removing the helmet without moving the patient's head. If the emergency personnel can't work out how to do it, there's even a QR code on the helmet which takes them straight to instructions for dismantling the helmet.

So, join the movement of riders who are switching their standard helmet for this revolutionary new design and enjoy the benefits of the Vozz RS 1.0. The Vozz RS1.0 is being launched in April 2016 and you can place your pre-order with us now, to become to first to own this revolutionary new motorcycle helmet.

  • Revolutionary hinged design to assist medical staff with a quick a safer removal of the helmet in the event of a crash
  • No chin strip needed - the helmet envelopes under your chin and upper neck area, keeping it secure without the need for a chin strap
  • A quieter ride thanks to the enveloped shape of the shell and chin cup
  • Easy to put on and remove, no more squeezing your helmet on and having folded ears
  • Tri-composite shell made from carbon fibre, aramid and fibreglass
  • Three different sizes shells and three different E.P.S. inner lining sizes to give the perfect fit for every rider
  • ECE 22/05, AS, NZ, JIS and DOT approved - helmets bought from ForMotorbikes are supplied with the ECE 22/05 sticker
  • Quick release visor
  • Weighs 1650g, consistent with flip front helmets
  • Available in eight different colours

Vozz RS 1.0 Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart to select your helmet size.

Vozz Helmets Sizing Vozz Helmets Size
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