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tcx sports boots

TCX sports boots are worn by top riders including Sam Lowes, Tito Rabat, Randy De Puniet and Michael Laverty. They put their trust in TCX, due to their safety features and performance. There's a wide range of sports boots available, to suit any budget. The whole range are CE certified, so you can be sure that they've been rigorously tested to keep you safe. The higher in the range you go, the more safety and performance features are present, such as TCX's Metatarsal Control System (MCS). The metatarsal was made famous by Wayne Rooney during the 2006 World Cup and it's a common sporting injury, motorcycling included. The MCS is designed to allow your foot to flex naturally, yet controls over-flexing both upwards and downwards through two 'stop points', to help prevent damage to the joints in the event of a spill.

Another innovation in the higher range of TCX sports boots is the Torsion Control System (TCS). The TCS protects your ankle, another complex and vulnerable joint in the foot, by allowing lateral and longitudinal movement, but within its physiological limits. This means that you can move around on and off the bike, but it'll prevent excessive movement and reduce the risk of joint fracture in the event of an accident. Take a look through the range of TCX sports boots, which includes 'solid', perforated and waterproof boots. Be sure to check out the new TCX S-Sportour Evo, a CE approved sports boot, packed with safety features at just £119.99.

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