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tcx motocross boots

TCX motocross boots are leaders in mx. Tough, long-lasting, great ankle and foot protection when riding on track. TCX were the first company to offer professional motorcycle boots with CE protection, the safety standard by which all boots are now measured. So, when you buy a pair of TCX motocross boots, you can rest in the knowledge that your boots offer the very best protection. New for 2017 are the TCX X-Helium, X-Blast and Comp Evo boots.

The challenge for any off road boot is to offer the rider the ultimate safety protection whilst still providing day to day practicality such as comfort and flexibility. TCX motocross boots such as the new-for-2017 TCX Comp Evo and Comp Evo Michelin use TCX's Double Flex Control System (TCS). The TCS protects your ankle, by allowing lateral and longitudinal movement, but within its physiological limits. This means that you can move around on the bike, but it'll prevent excessive movement and reduce the risk of joint fracture in the event of a spill. All TCX motocross boots have reinforced toe protectors, heat guards plus heel reinforcement.

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