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TCX Boots 2017

The TCX boots 2017 range includes the new Drifter adventure boots, plus the Hero and Street Ace urban boots. Check them out in their categories below:

TCX Motorcycle Boots

TCX boots were the first professional motorcycle boot manufacturer to acquire CE approval. Now, CE EN13634 is the safety standard by which all motorcycle boots are measured and TCX have been ahead of the curve from the beginning. The foot is a very exposed area when you're on a motorcycle and if you're unfortunate enough to have an accident, you need effective protection to the most vulnerable areas; the ankle, toes and metatarsal.

TCX has developed a series of technical innovations to provide the ultimate protection for your feet, whilst retaining maximum comfort. Each form of protection also needs to be tailored to the boot type, given the nature of riding involved and the balance of comfort vs protection. For example, their sports boots, designed for riders who take to the track or enjoy faster road riding, feature the Torsion Control System, which provides maximum ankle protection, allowing the joint to move in its natural, front to back direction, whilst preventing damaging lateral movement. If you want to read more about how the boots keep riders' feet safe, scroll to the bottom of the page, otherwise check out the full range below, which are split into different categories, for example urban, sports or touring boots.

Torsion Control System - featured in the sports boots range; the TCS allows the ankle to move forwards and backwards, as well as sideways, within the normal parameters of the joint, but limiting both to prevent fracture of the ankle in the event of an off. The TCS system has been designed to provide maximum protection at minimal weight. The material used is polyurethane, with lateral and rear flex points, sewn into the boot upper, with care taken not to leave any protruding parts which can snag on the bike.

Metatarsal Control System - the metatarsals, the long bones running down the length of the foot, are vulnerable to damage in a motorcycle accident, so TCX has developed the MCS. This provides two stop points, one at the top and one at the bottom of the joint's natural movement, helping to prevent fracture. Critically however, the MCS allows for the natural movement of the foot within its normal limits, allowing you to move freely on and off the motorcycle. This area of the foot is further protected by the inclusion of an internal polyurethane structure, connected to the MCS, minimising the effect of impact to the side of the foot, which is common in the event of a low side.

Air Fit System - as well as protection, TCX spend a great deal of time ensuring that their boots are as comfortable as possible. One of the innovative ways in which they've achieved this in some of their sports boots, such as the RS-2, is through the inclusion of an air pump system. This allows the rider to inflate the boot chamber until you achieve maximum comfort. Before removing the boot, you simply use the air valve to deflate the boot, making it easy to slide them off your feet.

Comfort Fit System - when you're touring, comfort is at least as important as safety, so TCX's touring boots feature the CFS to ensure that your feet stay comfortable, regardless of how far you're riding. They've based the foot mould used in their touring boots on the anatomy of the foot. By hand, the touring boots are crafted to replicate the natural foot shape, optimising your comfort both on and off the motorbike. Similarly, the anatomy of men's feet differs from that of women, so TCX are tailored to reflect these shapes. Women's feet are structurally different from men's, in the metatarsal, instep and heel areas, so these are reflected in the shape of men's and women's range.

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