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Sidi Vortice Motorcycle Boots Black

Sidi vortice black

Sidi Vortice Boots Black

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Sidi Vortice Boots Black

Sidi Vortice boots are top of the range race boots, offering maximum protection, comfort and adjustment, without limiting your ability to freely move around on and off the bike. Sidi Vortice boots offer plenty of adjustment, so you can achieve the perfect fit, via multiple tensioners in the calf, shin and instep. Sidi Vortice boots are CE certified, having passed rigorous testing. They offer superb protection to the most vulnerable part of the foot, through its solid ankle support brace. The boot is designed to allow your foot to bend upwards for gear changes and walking, but to limited bending in the opposite direction in the event of a spill.

The main body of Sidi Vortice boots is made from Lorica, a very strong and durable leather substitute and they have replaceable shin plates and toe sliders. The inner of Sidi Vortice boots is made from an air Teflon mesh, maximising air flow, keeping you cool and to prevent the boots from developing unsavoury odours.

Sidi Vortice Boots Sizing

If you're unsure between two sizes, our experience suggests it's best to go for the larger of the two sizes.

Remember to make allowances if you ride with thick socks.

  • Size 38 = UK 5
  • Size 39 = UK 5.5
  • Size 40 = UK 6
  • Size 41 = UK 7
  • Size 42 = UK 8
  • Size 43 = UK 9
  • Size 44 = UK 9.5
  • Size 45 = UK 10
  • Size 46 = UK 11
  • Size 47 = UK 12
  • Size 48 = UK 13
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