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Sidi st boots

Sidi ST boots are available in three different styles, the regular ST, the perforated ST Air and the waterproof ST Gore. Sidi ST boots are a premium race boot, with a new securing clasp system to the top of the boot (ST10 buckle). Sidi ST boots are CE certified, having passed rigorous testing and they have Sidi's top ankle protection brace, giving you support in the area you need it the most.

The main shell of Sidi ST boots is made from Lorica, a very strong and durable leather substitute. As a leading race boot, the Sidi ST has removable and replaceable shin plates, toe sliders and achilles protector. The inner of Sidi ST boots is made from an air Teflon mesh, maximising air flow, keeping you cool and to prevent the boots from developing unsavoury odours.

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