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Sidi off road boots

Sidi Off Road Boots are designed to give you maximum protection, comfort and to keep you dry. Boots are tested to their maximum when riding off road and Sidi Off Road Boots use all of the latest boot technology to keep your feet protected. Take the Sidi Armada Gore, which has ankle support braces, anti-twist ankle protection, high impact heel protection, internal toe protectors and the leather is double stitched in all of the high stress areas of the boot.

All Sidi Off Road Boots are designed to last, with gear change protectors, hard wearing soles and robust securing buckles and/or tough Velcro. Additionally, Sidi Off Road Boots are waterproof and breathable, by incorporating GoreTex (Armada and Adventure) or Tepor (Courier) membranes, so as well as keeping your feet dry, they allow them to breath, making your ride more comfortable and the boots won't smell.

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