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Sidi Mag 1 Motorcycle Boots

Sidi Mag 1 Boots

Sidi Mag 1 Boots Black

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Sidi Mag 1 Boots Black

Sidi Mag 1 motorcycle boots are a premium addition to the Sidi sports boot range. These new boots are packed with protective features which Sidi have managed to include whilst keeping the weight of the boot down to under 2kg. The upper of the boot is made from microbre microtech, which is a tough and durable leather substitute. It's double stitched in the high stress areas, so you can be sure that they'll keep intact over the life of the boot.

The Sidi Mag 1 has a large degree of adjustment, through 3 Tecno adjusters, allowing you to ratchet them in to fit your exact foot size. They'll accommodate calves up to 15" in diameter. For protection, they feature an internal, carbon fibre brace system, polyurethene arch and achilles protectors, shin plate protectors (replaceable), a gear pad protector, alloy toe sliders and shock absorbing heel cups.

Ride magazine have just reviewed these boots. Here's what they had to say about them:

The new Mag-1 boots will sit slightly behind the flagship Vortice race boot in Sidi's 2014 range. That's not to say that they're an interior boot. After a few weeks of use, they most definitely aren't.

The Mag-1 is in fact an entirely different boot, born of feedback from top-level racers willing to sacrifice a small amount of protection in favour of a lighter, more streamlined boot with more flexibility and improved feel. And lightweight they certainly are. They weigh 17 percent less than last year's Vortice did, which is a huge reduction in weight considering the quality and amount of protection still to be found (and the Vortice isn't particularly heavy). Flexibility comes from the elastic textile panels across the front and back of the boot, allowing for a good amount of easy movement on the bike.

The most impressive feature of this boot is perhaps the new bracing system. Carbon fibre beams run the length of the boot on both sides, stopping any unwanted side-to-side flexing. And as an added bonus, the new lack of overlapping plastic parts mean that the Mag-1s don't come equipped with the Sidi squeak - the characteristic sound of a Sidi rider on foot.

Putting them on is nothing like the ordeal I've come to expect from this style of boot. There are no zips to wrestle with, and the magnetic catches have turned what used to be a tedious process into a five second job. Taking them off is even easier. Just pinch the release levers together, the steel tension wire loosens and the magnets do the rest for you. Such a simple addition, but the result is an amazing improvement. Those adjusters, coupled with an adjustable shin plate, mean the range of leg sizes these boots will fit is huge, with room for a calf up to 15inch in diameter.

All in all, they're very impressive boots. And if you're still not sure, think of the bragging rights that having carbon fibre boots give you.

Sidi Mag 1 Specs

  • Each boot weighs under 2kg, which is 17% lighter than the Vortice.
  • Microbre microtech upper - a tough, lightweight, long wearing leather substitute.
  • Internal brace system, made from carbon fibre beams.
  • Tecno-3 size adjusters, to give a great fit, accommodating calves up to 15" diameter.
  • Shock absorbing heel cup for added comfort.
  • Polyurethene protection to the foot arch and achilles.
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad.
  • Replaceable, protective shin plate in polyurethane.
  • Slider with alloy insert and air ventilation system on the tip.
  • Gear change protective pad.
  • Double stitching in the high stress areas, to maximise boot life.
  • Recessed screws so not to damage your motorbike.

Sidi Mag 1 Boots Sizing

If you're unsure between two sizes, our experience suggests it's best to go for the larger of the two sizes.

Remember to make allowances if you ride with thick socks.

  • Size 38 = UK 5
  • Size 39 = UK 5.5
  • Size 40 = UK 6
  • Size 41 = UK 7
  • Size 42 = UK 8
  • Size 43 = UK 9
  • Size 44 = UK 9.5
  • Size 45 = UK 10
  • Size 46 = UK 11
  • Size 47 = UK 12
  • Size 48 = UK 13

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Sidi Mag 1 Motorcycle Boots Sidi Mag 1 Boots
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