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Sidi Armada Gore

Sidi armada gore

Sidi Armada Goretex

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Sidi Armada Gore

Sidi Armada Gore waterproof boots offer an exceptional degree of protection, including ankle support braces, anti-twist ankle protection, high impact heel protection, internal toe protectors and the leather is double stitched in all of the high stress areas of the boot. Sidi Armada Gore are waterproof and breathable by incorporating a GoreTex membrane, so as well as keeping your feet dry, they allow them to breath, making your ride more comfortable and prevent the boots from smelling of foot odour.

The main body of Sidi Armada Gore boots is made from full grain leather, with a high density rubber sole designed for longevity. Sidi Armada Gore boots have a double layer to the shin and calf, providing extra protection to these areas. The outer layer can be removed, which turn the boot into a more flexible touring boot. The zip closure system allows for a high degree of tolerance for different sizes calves.

If you're unsure between two sizes, our experience suggests it's best to go for the larger of the two sizes.

Remember to make allowances if you ride with thick socks.

  • Size 37 = UK 4
  • Size 38 = UK 5
  • Size 39 = UK 5.5
  • Size 40 = UK 6
  • Size 41 = UK 7
  • Size 42 = UK 8
  • Size 43 = UK 9
  • Size 44 = UK 9.5
  • Size 45 = UK 10
  • Size 46 = UK 11
  • Size 47 = UK 12
  • Size 48 = UK 13
  • Size 49 = UK 13.5
  • Size 50 = UK 14
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