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shoei x spirit 2

The Shoei X Spirit 2 is the very same race helmet worn by Marc Marquez in MotoGP. It's not a watered down version, this Shoei X Spirit 2 is the same helmet which he puts his faith in when racing against the likes of Rossi, Pedrosa and Lorenzo. You can even go for one of the Marquez reps, which now extends to the Motegi and Montmelo race reps.

The Shoei X Spirit 2 is available in 4 shell sizes and is designed for maximising ventilation at the same time as minimising wind resistance. It achieves these properties through inlet vents on the brow and chin, plus eight outlet vents in the upper and rear head area, the neck and side areas. As well as the shape of the shell, the second generation Aero Edge Spoiler optimises the Shoei X-Spirit 2 aerodynamic properties.

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