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Shoei Qwest Black

shoei qwest black

Shoei Qwest Black

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Shoei Qwest Black

As a touring helmet, the Shoei Qwest Black is designed to be light weight, comfortable, with minimal noise levels. As a benchmark, the Shoei Qwest Black is 60% quieter than the model it replaces, the Shoei Raid-II (equivalent to 2.2db quieter).

The Shoei Qwest Black features the Shoei AIM+ shell, 6 layers of carbon and multi-composite fibres, to achieve maximum shock absorption with optimum rigidity. The Shoei Qwest Black weighs 1390g and has been designed with an integrated spoiler, to ease strain on the neck. The vents have been enlarged and repositioned, to improve cooling.

The Shoei Qwest Black features the Quick Release Self Adjusting visor, which ensures a proper seal between the helmet and visor, reducing drafts and wind noise, plus it has a Pinlock lens to prevent fogging.

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart above to select your helmet size.

Shoei Qwest shell sizes  Shell 1 (XXS-XS)  |  Shell 2 (S-M)  |  Shell 3 (L)  |  Shell 4 (XL/XXL)

helmet sizing chart helmet sizing chart
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