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shoei gt air

Shoei GT Air Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei GT Air is the first Shoei helmet to incorporate an internal, retractable sun visor. Motorcycle helmets with internal sun visors have been available for around 12 years, so you may wonder why it's taken Shoei this long to launch one of their own. Shoei insisted that they would only incorporate a sun visor if they could achieve it without making the shell of the helmet thinner than the other helmets in the Shoei range. Most motorcycle helmets which incorporate a sun visor accommodate it through retaining the same shell shape and make the shell thinner. The Shoei GT Air retains the same shell thickness throughout the entire shell, including the area which houses the sun visor. The shell has been specially crafted to achieve this whilst retaining superb aerodynamics. So you can rest assured that by incorporating this useful feature, you're not compromising upon safety.

The sun visor makes the Shoei GT Air a perfect touring or commuter helmet, but the fact that it's also lightweight (1390G) and aerodynamic, the Shoei GT Air is also suited to a higher speed rideout with your mates, or even for the odd blast around the track. With the superb venting, the integrated sun visor and a fog-resistant pinlock visor, the Shoei GT Air is an ideal choice whatever your kind of riding.The Shoei GT Air has superb safety credentials, being ECE 22/05, DOT and ACU Gold approved, plus it has Shoei's Emergency Quick Release System, for easy removal in the event of a spill.

Shoei GT Air Specification

  • AIM Shell - Organic fibre and multi-composite fibres layered for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.
  • Integrated sun visor without sacrificing safety, by keeping the EPS liner at the same thickness throughout the helmet.
  • EPS-liner with multiple densities to provide optimised shock-absorbing levels.
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in the event of an accident.
  • 3 Shell sizes for a perfect fit and compact dimensions.
  • Double-D-Ring for secure fastening.
  • 2 air inlets and 2 air outlets which sit flush to the shell, providing ventilation without increased wind noise.
  • QSV-1 sun visor blocks 99% of UV, with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.
  • Utilises mist-resistant CNS-1 Pinlock visor system.
  • Detachable and washable centrepad and cheekpads.

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