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shark evoline helmet

The Shark Evoline S3 is a revolutionary flip front helmet. The Shark Evoline S3 sets itself apart from other flip front helmets through its ability to rotate the chin bar through a full 180°, to rest on the rear of the helmet when wearing the helmet as an open face. The visor also flips up, either on its own or simultaneously with the chin bar through its push button mechanism, providing you with the complete open face experience.

The Shark Evoline S3 helmet is certified to ECE 22/05 as both a full and an open face helmet, so you can ride safe in the knowledge that it's passed the safety tests in both forms. The helmet has been upgraded since the series 2 to provide a quieter ride, better aerodynamics and improved ventilation when wearing it as a full face helmet. The Shark Evoline S3 comes complete with an integrated sun visor and a micro ratchet system making it easy to secure and adjust the chin strap. It features an air pump system, which ensures a nice, snug fit; perfect for safety and for during colder periods, when you need to keep the cold air out. Check out our 360° video at the bottom of the page.

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