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shark evo one helmet

The Shark Evo One Priya and Falhout are the new graphics for 2017 of this tremendously versatile flip front helmet. See the full range below.

Shark Evo One Helmet

The Shark Evo One is a brand new Shark helmet, with its origins lying in the EvoLine helmet, but with some really useful upgrades and new features. The Evo One is a flip front helmet, where the protective chin guard can be fully rotated to the rear of the helmet. The beauty of the Evo One is in its adaptability, one minute it can be worn as a full face, but if you're on tour and want to get a nice flow of air to your face, or you're just stopping to check your GPS or refuel, you simply rotate the chin guard to give you an open face lid. So, if you want the best of both worlds and are split between whether to opt for the joy of open face riding, or the additional protection of a full face, with the Shark Evo One, you won't need to compromise.

Whilst you're riding, you'll want your full attention to be upon what's going on around you, rather than having to put unnecessary effort into switching the helmet between the two modes. Well, great news because the Evo One has an auto-up and down system. When you switch from open to full face mode, rotate the chin bar upwards and over the helmet, and the visor will follow automatically. The same goes for when you close the helmet, back to full face. Close the chin bar and the visor will follow afterwards, to return you to full face riding. As you lower the chin bar, the visor will follow, but it's clever enough to leave a little gap between the two, so that you can place your fingers to fully engage the chin bar, returning it to a full face helmet. When switching the helmet from open face to full face mode, you'll hear two audible clicks, one from each side of the helmet, as it fully engages into position. The Shark Evo One helmet also has an autoseal system, providing an excellent fit between the visor and rubber surround, to prevent water and drafts from entering, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride.

The Shark Evo One has a more compact shell than its predecessor, making it visually smaller on your head. This is a really welcome evolution to us here at ForMotorbikes, since the full flip front is such a great concept, but one could argue that it has previously looked a little bulky. But not any longer, the Evo One combines performance and looks. This smaller shell is also more aerodynamic. Through a process called Computational Fluid Design, Shark have engineered the Evo One to be less affected by wind noise, meaning a quieter and more comfortable ride for you.

The other really great feature of this new helmet is the larger internal sun visor. It's 23% larger than that of the EvoLine's sun visor, so you get a clearer view of the road. The autoseal visor system provides a nice, tight seal between the visor and the helmet shell, offering improved soundproofing, as well as protection from the cold and rain. The Evo One comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert as standard, is available in 2 different shell sizes (Shell 1 = XS, S, M and Shell 2 = L, XL). The helmet secures with a micro-lock buckle and can happily accommodate spectacles, made even easier by being able to first put the helmet on, flip the chin bar then put on your spectacles with lots of room to get them nice and comfortable.

The helmet has a really clever breath guard, which is magnetised and retractable, to prevent air from entering the helmet underneath your chin, reducing both wind noise and cold air. The breath guard is very deliberately retractable and folds away so that you can operate the raising and lowering of the chin bar without interference. The adjustable front vent allows you to choose whether to channel air to your mouth or towards the visor, so that it demists. Simply, slide the vent switch, which is located inside the chin guard.

So, if you're looking for a really practical helmet for your commute, tour or more local adventure, the Shark Evo One is well worth your consideration. It's available in solid colours, as well as some special graphics, the Krono and Astor. Shark are really good at making their helmets practical for people who wear glasses and the Evo One is no exception. If you want to incorporate an intercom into the helmet, it's prepared to accommodate Sharktooth, Shark's bespoke bluetooth comms system. And lastly, the helmet is covered by Shark's five year warranty, so you can rest assured that it's covered by the manufacturer's guarantee during a really good period of time.

Shark Evo One 2017

RiDE magazine have reviewed the Evo-One and summarised the helmet by saying, "The Evo-One is a development of the Evoline, which is much admired at RiDE. It's been updated to address everything that's not quite right about the Evoline. So the shell is much less bulky; the flip mechanism now allows you to bring the chin bar over and down without the rider having to open the visor first; the visor seal is better and the drop-down sun visor in bigger. Result! Prices start from £310."

Helmet Specifications

  • Flip front helmet which can be worn as a full face or open face helmet
  • Injected thermoplastic shell
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Free Pinlock anti-fog insert provided in the box
  • ECE 22/05 approved
  • Autoseal visor system
  • Removable inner lining
  • 2 shell sizes: Shell 1 = XS, S, M and Shell 2 = L, XL
  • Available in sizes XS (53-54 cm), S (55-56 cm), M (57-58 cm), L (59-60 cm) and XL (61-62 cm)
  • Optimal comfort for riders who wear glasses
  • Micro-lock buckle system
  • Weighs 1650g
  • Accommodates the Sharktooth bluetooth communication system
  • 5 year Shark warranty

The Evo One has arrived and we've now had a chance to review it in detail. We're delighted to report that the helmet is indeed much more compact than its predecessor and the sun visor is a really good size now. We're already very impressed with the smooth action of the rotating chin bar and the way that the visor automatically moves with it. It's not easy to pack all of the features of this helmet into a compact shell, such as the extended sun visor and rotating chin bar, but Shark have achieved it and we're delighted. We're sure that you will be too. Take a look at our video below, to see the helmet in both open and full face modes.

Shark Evo One Review

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