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nexx xt1 galaxy

Nexx XT1 Galaxy

Nexx XT1 Galaxy

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The Nexx XT1 Galaxy is a new graphic in the Nexx XT1 range for 2016. The 'T' in XT1 stands for 'Touring' and it's been designed to deliver all of the benefits you want when you're on the road:

  • Less fatiguing ride, thanks to its light weight X-Matrix shell constructed from a careful blend of carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres (1450g +/- 50g). The X-Matrix shell is 10% lighter than an equivalent tri-composite shell, helping to reduce neck fatigue.
  • Smooth ride, courtesy of its hand sculpted shell and integrated spoiler, reducing lift and drag at speed.
  • Large view of the road, provided by a tall and wide field of vision, giving you a sense of freedom when out on the road.
  • Hassle free ride, with the integrated sun visor allowing you to quickly block out sun glare, without the need to change visors.
  • Feeling protected, with the shell being 35% stronger than a fibreglass shell.
  • Clear vision, thanks to its Pinlock ready visor
  • Comfortable ride, delivered through the XT1's Block n Seal, Recoil visor system, providing a good seal between the visor and the helmet's rubber seal.
  • Safety prepared, thanks to the emergency release cheek pads
  • Keeping cool, with adjustable upper and chin vents, allowing you to control the flow of air
  • Ability to talk with your riding buddies, or pillion, use your GPS or smartphone, with the XT1 being equipped to integrate the Nexx X-Com intercom, flush to the helmet's shell.
  • The XT1 is homologated ECE, DOT and NBR by Nexx, but when bought from the UK, it's supplied with an ECE sticker.

Buy the Nexx XT1 Galaxy from ForMotorbikes and it comes with free UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping, with excellent value shipping rates. If you're in the market for an excellent sports touring helmet, the Nexx XT1 Galaxy is well worth your consideration.

Nexx XT1 Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart to select your helmet size.

Nexx XT1 shell sizes  Shell 1 (XXS-XS)  |  Shell 2 (S-M)  |  Shell 3 (L-XXXL)

Nexx XT1 Sizing Nexx XT1 Size
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