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Nexx XR2 Iridium Yellow Visor

nexx xr2 yellow visor

Nexx XR2 Iridium Yellow Visor

Availability:Replaced by Yellow HD visor
Replaced by Yellow HD Visor

The Nexx XR2 Iridium Yellow Visor comes in one size, and fits the Nexx XR2, Carbon, Diablo, Vortex and Torpedo. Like the standard XR2 visor, the Nexx XR2 iridium yellow visor has improved optics over its predecessor, the XR1R yellow visor, in part due to having a flat rather than a curved surface in the vertical plane. Note that the Nexx XR2 tinted visors will not fit the XR1R or XR1R Carbon.

The tint level of this iridium yellow isn't published, but we think it's about 70%. Take a look at the video to see it in 360ยบ.

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