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Nexx XR2

Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

  • Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

Nexx XR2

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Nexx XR2 Helmet

Buy the Nexx XR2 helmet from ForMotorbikes with free UK delivery plus excellent value worldwide shipping, plus it comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert in the box. We've been working with Nexx for six years and have an excellent relationship with them, so if you need post-sales support, such as spares or warranty support, we're your best choice. We wear the XR2 when we're wanting a light helmet with excellent aerodynamics and a huge view of the road ahead. It's typically worn by riders who like to make progress, with the helmet cutting through the air beautifully at speed. No problems with wind drag here, it's super stable even if you ride a naked bike. Because it's so light, it's also a great choice for those of us with back or neck problems. We really notice the difference when switching from other, heavier helmets, especially on longer rides, when the weight of a helmet can take its toll.

Nexx have changed the shell construction of the XR2, so now it's even stronger. They call it the X-Matrix and it's a step up from the tri-composite shells you may be accustomed to. It's a perfect blend of carbon fibre, aramid (that's kevlar), fibreglass plus organic fibres which make the helmet 10% lighter and 35% stronger than a tri-composite shell. The XR2's predecessor, called the XR1R was also a tremendous helmet, but Nexx have made a series of upgrades over this best-seller, in developing the XR2. One of the first upgrades we were delighted to see were those to the EPS lining, which now comes in three densities. We're happy that it has all of the necessary reinforcement, in the right places, to absorb energy in the event of an impact. The helmet has exceeded ECE 22/05 testing and is also DOT approved for those of you in North America. It's also NBR approved for riders in Brazil. The helmet comes with an ECE sticker as well as an ACU sticker, so you can happily pass scrutineering if you're taking the lid on track. If you are, you'll be pleased to hear that the XR2 features both upper and lower spoilers, to give you extra stability, for when you're riding at speeds only legal on track.

If you ride either on track or in warmer temperatures on the road, you'll need a lid that'll keep you cool. The XR2 does that in spades. Many helmets don't offer effective venting, but the top vents on this helmet work really well, to provide a proper flow of air over your head, keeping you nice and cool. The chin vent has a nice, firm mechanism, so won't blow closed or open when you're seriously on the throttle. The helmet comes with a clear visor, which has a recess to properly accommodate the provided Pinlock. Secure it onto the two pins, one on each side of the visor, and it'll stay properly in place, no slipping down on this one, thank goodness. There are a number of different tinted visors, so you can mix it up according to the weather and the look you're after. All of the visors, including the supplied clear visor have tear off posts, so you can attach those (we sell them), preventing the need to keep cleaning your visor. Essential on track but also useful when on tour.

Finishing off with a couple of nice touches are the chin wind stopper and the breath guard, both improving your comfort, especially during the colder months. Look after this helmet and it'll last years. The interior lining is made from Nexx's excellent X.mart fabric. Nexx were after this particular fabric for years and now they've secured a deal with the manufacturer, which makes for a more comfortable lining than the previous version. It also doesn't crease like the older version, so retains its shape over the life of the lid. If it gets sweaty, you can pop it in the wash to refresh it. The fit of the XR2 is true to size, so go by your head measurement. If you need to make the fit slightly more snug, you can use the bespoke padding kit which comes with the helmet. So what are you waiting for? Choose your colour and size above, pop it in your cart and look forward to a performance-enriched ride. If you're in the UK, it's free delivery, but we also love our overseas customers, so ship the helmet all over the world, with excellent value shipping rates.

Nexx XR2 Full Specification

  • Comes with Pinlock anti-fog visor in the box
  • X-Matrix shell of carbon fibre, aramid (kevlar), fibreglass and 3D organic fibres
  • Weighs just 1350g +/- 50g
  • ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 homologated by Nexx. When bought from the UK, the helmet is supplied with an ECE sticker
  • ACU approved for track use so you can sail through scrutineering
  • Flat visor, tear-off prepared (tear offs available to buy from ForMotorbikes)
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Shell available in 2 different sizes (Shell 1: XS to L, Shell 2: XL to XXXL)
  • X-mart soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic inner lining
  • 2 inlets and 4 outlets air-vents
  • 3D Lining, removable and washable
  • Anti-noise Cheek pads
  • Chin Windstopper
  • Double D-Ring fastening strap
  • UV resistant shell
  • Anti-scratch quick release visor, with new easy locking system
  • Visor with recessed cavity for a Pinlock insert
  • Visor Ventilation System
  • Removable breath guard
  • Aerodynamic trim at base of helmet
  • Rear spoiler for optimised aerodynamics
  • Reflectors on the front, sides and backside for increased visibility
  • Personalised padding kit included with every helmet, allowing you to tailor the fit to your own head shape

Nexx XR2 Colours

Nexx XR2 Sizing

  • Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.
  • If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.
  • Use the sizing conversion chart to select your helmet size.
nexx xr2 sizing nexx xr2 sizing chart
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