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Nexx XR2 Pinlock

nexx xr2 Pinlock Visor Insert

Nexx XR2 Pinlock

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Nexx XR2 Pinlock for Nexx XR2 and XR2 Carbon (04PINL006)

The Nexx XR2 Pinlock is the largest Pinlock lens in the world, thanks to the huge viewing port of the Nexx XR2 and Nexx XR2 Carbon. This pinlock lens prevents fogging of your clear or tinted visor, by creating a 'vacuum' effect between you and the visor itself, so that your warm breath can't reach the main visor. The Nexx XR2 Pinlock is available in one size, fits the Nexx XR2/Carbon/Diablo and fixes to the two fixing pins on the helmet visor.

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