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nexx xr2 fuel

Nexx XR2 Fuel

Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

  • Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

Nexx XR2 Fuel

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The Nexx XR2 Fuel is part of the Nexx XR2 range for 2017. The 'R' in XR2 stands for 'Race' and when you wear the helmet it's easy to see why. The great strengths of this helmet lie in its performance during fast road riding or out on the track; Light, strong, comfortable, extremely aerodynamic, great venting and with a huge viewing port.

Starting with the weight, it weighs just 1350g (+/- 50g dependent upon size). Nexx achieve this partly through the shell construction. Like the rest of the helmet, the shell of the XR2 is handmade by Nexx in Portugal, from a careful blend of carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres. You may be familiar with tri-composite blends, but Nexx's X-Matrix shell is 10% lighter than an equivalent tri-composite shell, helping to reduce neck fatigue. Small differences in weight make a big difference on the road, where you feel the weight of the helmet particularly under acceleration and braking. On the track, this is compounded, where high G-forces are at play.

The XR2 shell is also 35% stronger than a fibreglass shell and of course it's ECE 22/05 homologated. A quick note global certification, the XR2 is homologated ECE, DOT and NBR by Nexx, but when bought from the UK, it's supplied with an ECE sticker. Beyond the strength of the shell, Nexx have added to the safety aspects of the XR2 over its predecessor, by upgrading the EPS protective lining (the layer directly beneath the helmet shell) at the sides of the helmet. Nexx have upgraded the comfort lining of the XR2 for 2016 and it shows. It's super soft against the skin, so it's really comfortable and allows for better moulding to the shape of your face than the previous version, with no creasing. Elaborating on safety aspects, the Nexx XR2 Fuel has emergency release cheek pads, so in the event of an accident, the helmet can be removed whilst minimising head and neck movement.

One of the times you'll definitely notice the benefits of the XR2 is when riding at speed. The aerodynamics of the helmet are absolutely brilliant. When switching from other brands, we've noticed a significant reduction in wind blast, with the shell of the XR2 cutting through the air very efficiently. This is especially noticed on naked bikes where the lack of faring often makes for an uncomfortable ride when your speed increases. Additionally, the rear spoiler at the top and base of the helmet help to make the helmet very stable. When MCN reviewed the XR2's predecessor, they made special note of its excellent venting. The XR2 retains this, providing a good flow of air when the adjustable vents are open. The positioning of the top spoiler also helps to promote air flow from the front two air vents, over the head and out of the two rear air vents.

Making visibility one of the best from any full face helmet is the XR2's huge viewing port. Whether you're making life savers, or have an aggressive riding style on track, the XR2 will give you a huge view of the road or track. The visor itself is quick release, so you can switch over the clear one supplied with the helmet, for a tinted version. The XR2 comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert as standard, so the visor won't fog up on you. Buy the Nexx XR2 Fuel from ForMotorbikes and it comes with free UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping, with excellent value shipping rates. If you're in the market for an excellent race helmet, the Nexx XR2 takes some beating.

Nexx XR2 Fuel Helmet

  • X-Matrix shell of carbon fibre, aramid (kevlar), fibreglass and 3D organic fibres
  • Weighs just 1350g +/- 50g
  • ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 homologated by Nexx. When bought from the UK, the helmet is supplied with an ECE sticker
  • ACU approved for track use
  • Flat visor, tear-off prepared (tear offs available to buy from ForMotorbikes)
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Shell available in 2 different sizes (Shell 1: XS to L, Shell 2: XL to XXXL)
  • X-mart soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic inner lining
  • 2 inlets and 4 outlets air-vents
  • 3D Lining, removable and washable
  • Anti-noise Cheek pads
  • Chin Windstopper
  • Double D-Ring fastening strap
  • UV resistant shell
  • Anti-scratch quick release visor, with new easy locking system
  • Visor with recessed cavity for a Pinlock insert
  • Visor Ventilation System
  • Removable breath guard
  • Aerodynamic trim at base of helmet
  • Rear spoiler for optimised aerodynamics
  • Reflectors on the front, sides and backside for increased visibility
  • Personalised padding kit included with every helmet, allowing you to tailor the fit to your own head shape

Nexx XR2 Fuel Colours

Nexx XR2 Fuel Sizing

  • Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.
  • If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.
  • Use the sizing conversion chart to select your helmet size.
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