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nexx xr2 carbon helmet

nexx xr2 carbon white red

Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

  • Nexx XR2 Dark Visor

Nexx XR2 Carbon

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Nexx XR2 Carbon - White/Red (01xr223011)

This version of the Nexx XR2 Carbon is a perfect balance of visible carbon, with a wide strip down the centre of the helmet from front to back, plus highly visible pearlescent white to the sides, finished with a touch of red piping. The entire helmet has a highly glossed finish, which makes the helmet look a million dollars. The beauty of this paint scheme is that the pearlescent white is very visible in car headlights, giving you an extra edge in the safety stakes. We've received a comprehensive rider review from a customer who purchased the helmet from us, so read a fellow biker's opinion about these lids.

The new Nexx XR2 Carbon is the upgraded version of the XR1R Carbon, the helmet which MCN described as "The Best Road Helmet I've Worn". The Nexx XR2 Carbon builds upon the exceptional success of the XR1R Carbon, retaining the things which worked superbly well and upgrading the parts which had room for improvement. The shell is retained, that's the same ECE, DOT and ACU approved shell which MCN rated so highly in the XR1R Carbon, plus there are many new parts and four new colour schemes. The result is a quieter, more comfortable helmet, offering better side impact protection and one which experiences minimal wind buffeting at high speeds, but still one of the lightest helmets in the world at just 1295g.

The EPS lining, that's the shock absorbing layer directly beneath the outer shell, has been upgraded both to offer better side impact protection and to channel air flow from the forehead, across the top of the head and away from the ears, to keep noise levels low. The Nexx XR2 Carbon now features an emergency removal mechanism. This means that in the event of an accident, the helmet can be removed whilst minimising movement of the head and neck. This is achieved through the incorporation of emergency release cheek pads, accessible from the base of the helmet by medical professionals arriving at the scene. Through the removal of the emergency release cheek pads, the size of the helmet opening is made significantly larger, critically reducing head movement.

Aerodynamics are also improved. Given that the XR1R Carbon practically eliminated all wind buffeting, Nexx have kept the same shell shape for the Nexx XR2 Carbon. However, they've added a new rear spoiler at the top and base of the helmet, to make for an even more stable, quiet and aerodynamic helmet. The positioning of the top spoiler also helps to promote air flow from the front two air vents, since the exit vents are positioned directly below the spoiler.

The shape of the visor has been upgraded, to provide superb optics and better soundproofing, by forming a hermatic seal against the helmet shell. Not only does the Nexx XR2 Carbon have the largest visor opening of any available full face helmet, but now the view out of it is crystal clear. The new visor is quick release, utilising a 2nd generation quick release visor mechanism, to provide a more secure, positive lock. The Nexx XR2 Carbon also comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert as standard. Finally, the air intake vents have been upgraded, to be more durable, provide smoother operation and to sit more flush to the shell, to further improve aerodynamics.

The Nexx XR2 Carbon is available to order now from ForMotorbikes so that you can be the first to receive this fantastic new helmet . As the UK's leading Nexx stockist, we sell the Nexx XR2 Carbon with FREE UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping on the Nexx XR2 Carbon, with the following shipping rates. The helmet comes with a clear visor, but there is a variety of tinted visors available, to set off the look of this amazing lid. The XR2 Carbon is homologated by Nexx as ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR approved, but remember that when the helmet is purchased from the UK, it'll be supplied with an ECE 22/05 sticker. If you're buying from overseas, check whether the ECE sticker is sufficient to comply with your local helmet laws.

Nexx XR2 Carbon upgrades over the XR1R Carbon

  • New (flat) visor, with improved optics and central locking position for better soundproofing and hermatic sealing against the helmet shell.
  • The EPS lining (the energy-absorbing layer directly beneath the shell) has been upgraded for side impact protection.
  • Visor now has a recessed cavity for Pinlock anti-fog visor insert, plus it's prepared for the use of Tear-Offs!
  • 2nd generation quick release visor mechanism to provide more secure, positive lock.
  • Redesigned top vents, increasing airflow to the brow and the head area, but channeled away from the ears, to minimise noise levels.
  • A more compact and stronger chin vent, with three positions designed to defog the visor.
  • Improved exhaust vents, perfectly integrated into the shell for better aerodynamics, reduced wind noise and wind buffeting at high speeds.
  • New aero spoiler reat top and lower trim at the base of the helmet, to reduce list and turbulence at high speeds.
  • New, removable and washable inner lining and anti-noise cheek pads, with adjustable ear protection, offering more ventilation and comfort, whilst minimising noise.
  • Emergency release cheek pads and neck padding for easy helmet removal in the event of an accident, minimising any movement of the neck.

Nexx XR2 Carbon Specs

  • 100% Carbon Shell
  • At only 1295g, one of the world's lightest full-face helmets
  • The XR2 Carbon is ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR homologated. Helmets purchased from the UK are supplied with an ECE 22/05 sticker
  • ACU approved for track use
  • New flat visor, which is prepared for the use of Tear-offs!
  • Emergency release, removable cheek pads
  • Shell available in 2 different sizes (Shell 1: XS to L, Shell 2: XL to XXXL)
  • CoolMax, soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric inner lining
  • 2 inlets and 4 outlets air-vents
  • 3D Lining, removable and washable
  • Anti-noise Cheekpads
  • Chin Windstopper
  • Double D-Ring fastening strap
  • UV resistant shell
  • Anti-scratch quick release visor, with new easy locking system
  • Visor with recessed cavity for Pinlock
  • Visor Ventilation System
  • Removable breath guard
  • Aerodynamic trim at base of helmet
  • Rear spoiler for optimised aerodynamics
  • Reflectors on the front, sides and backside for increased visibility
  • Personalised padding kit included with every helmet, allowing you to tailor the fit for your own head shape

Nexx XR2 Carbon Sizing

  • Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.
  • If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.
  • Use the sizing conversion chart to select your helmet size.
helmet sizing helmet sizing chart
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