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nexx xr2 carbon rider review

Independent Rider Review - Nexx XR2 Carbon

This rider review of the Nexx XR2 Carbon was provided to us by a customer, Mick, who bought the helmet and subsequently published his review on Detailing Nation. He was not incentivised by us to write about the helmet, it is completely independent, in the hope that it will help other riders who are considering a purchase.

Welcome to the Detailing Nation review of my Nexx XR2 Carbon Fibre motorcycle helmet review. I recently purchased this helmet based on the outstanding reviews of the predecessor - the Nexx XR1R Carbon. The Nexx XR2 Carbon is an evolution of its predecessor, which Nexx claims has made improvements wherever possible, to make an already great helmet outstanding. This is the helmet I purchased in the White guise:

The all-carbon fibre helmet is also available in a few other colours, but I liked this one as it is one of the "quietest" colours available.

Lightweight construction

This has to be the single biggest selling point of this helmet - the weight. My previous helmet, the Nolan N103 flip up helmet was one of the heaviest helmets on the market at a shade over 1900g. Thats almost 2Kg of weight added to your head (mines actually was over 2kg by the time I had added a bluetooth kit) This can lead to a sore neck after a long days ride, and buffeting during a lot of wind. The Nexx XR2 Carbon fibre helmet is conversely one of the lightest helmets on the market - weighing in at just under 1300g. This makes it feel almost invisible on your head. and during the couple of rideouts ive managed since getting this helmet, I have experienced no buffeting to speak of (further aided no doubt by the aerodynamic ridge on the top of the helmet).


The venting on the Nexx XR2 carbon motorcycle helmet has been improved over the outdated model (which was already excellent). It still has two massive inlets on the top of the helmet at either side, each side capable of three positions - closed, half opened and fully opened. The opening and closing mechanisms are designed like this:

You can see from these images the protruding tab on each vent that enables you to slide the centre portion of the vent backwards inside my helmet. My only gripe with this sytem is that the tabs are a little small to find with thick gloves on, and it is very difficult to find the middle stop with gloves, so the vents tend to always be either fully opened or closed. Its a minor niggle, but worth noting. Otherwise, the venting on top is excellent, and you can really feel the cold air rushing in onto your noggin as you whiz along. There is also a traditional chin vent just below the visor latch:

Whats good about this design is that it is very simple, and it allows a HUGE amount of air to flow through and up across the visor in the opened position. It's nice to see that provision has been made for both left and right handed riders as well with this feature. Big thumbs up!


The visor on the Nexx XR2 Carbon fibre helmet is excellent. the thumb tab is directly in the centre meaning its useful and easy to find no matter what hand you use. The stops are very firm but well positioned, in particular the city position seems just right. For the Nexx XR2 range of helmets, Nexx has gone from a curved visor, to a traditional flat visor. This is a good thing, as it means that whilst the visor retains it pinlock system (which is the biggest pinlock system on the market - the visor aperture is gigantic!), it is also tear-off ready, and the flat visor helps it to stay optically excellent. As I just mentioned there, the visor aperture on the Nexx XR2 is huge, so much so that whilst I have this helmet fitted, I struggle to even see the helmet in my peripheral vision - no more letterbox viewing for me! (this combined with the extreme light weight adds to the illusion you are not wearing a helmet).

Construction, Fit & Finish

Finish on this helmet is excellent, and for a relatively new brand, Nexx really does stand up to scrutiny compared to the competition.

With regards to fit, this helmet fits my head which i suppose I would class as an intermediate oval. However, Nexx also provide a set of custom cheek pads to enable a custom fit of the helmet to your head so you can place more or less support exactly where it is needed. I havent needed to use them as of yet as the standard setup fit me very well, but its worth bearing in mind as it means in essence this helmet can be adjusted to fit most people well. The sizing seems to be about one size out though, so order a size up from what you usually do or the helmet could be really snug. The helmet is very tight at the base, but it does seem to open up once you have it past the base.

Here's a couple of more pics of the helmet in general:

In summary, I think the Nexx XR2 Carbon helmet is an excellent piece of kit. I'll hopefully revisit this review in a few months and report back on wind noise, and wear and tear as I get more time to test them. Although for the retail price of £299 you really will struggle to find a better, more comfortable helmet, and that large viewing aperture is really an excellent feature.

Nexx XR2 Carbon Video

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