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nexx xr1r pulp

Nexx XR1R Pulp helmets add a welcome touch of colour to full face motorcycle helmets. Choose from the Daxter, Jamaica and Beat, all of which feature colourful air vents, to set off the white or black shell.The Nexx XR1R Pulp has a retro design, but it features all of the latest features you could want from a full face motorcycle helmet. Firstly, it weighs only 1350g, thanks to its tri-composite shell blend of carbon, kevlar and fibreglass. As well as making for a very light helmet, the shell performs where it matters, in an accident. The Nexx XR1R Pulp has passed ECE 22/05 certification for road use in the UK, as well as DOT for the USA, plus it's ACU approved for track use.

The Nexx XR1R Pulp has a long list of features, including one of the widest viewing ports of any motorcycle helmet. The vertical view from the visor measures 72 degrees, versus a 52 degree view for the average motorcycle helmet. The horizontal view is equally as impressive, at 225 degrees, as compared to 210 degrees for the average motorcycle helmet. This makes for a helmet which, when worn, makes you feel as though you're looking through a window, rather than a helmet, with only the breath guard visible in your peripheral vision.

Buy the Nexx XR1R Pulp from ForMotorbikes and you get the breath guard, plus chin windstopper as standard. We also give you a free Pinlock anti-fog visor to prevent your visor fogging up when it's cool, a free helmet bag and a free personalised padding kit, which allows you to achieve the perfect fit. The Nexx XR1R Pulp features a quick release visor system, so as well as the clear visor, which is supplied with the helmet, you can buy a Nexx XR1R dark visor and interchange them in seconds. We offer free UK delivery, plus we ship the Nexx XR1R Pulp anywhere worldwide.

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