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nexx xr1r carbon speed

Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed

Paint aside, the Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed is identical to the Nexx XR1R Carbon, described by MCN as "The Best Road Helmet I've Worn". They summarised their review of the helmet by giving it a 5 star rating and stated that Nexx "deserve an award for this one". You can read the full MCN review for yourself. Since the review, Nexx have upgraded the XR1R Carbon Speed to incorporate a quick release visor, making a fantastic helmet even better.

The Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed is one of the lightest helmets available, weighing just 1250g. You'll be amazed at how light it is, which really comes into its own when going for longer rides or for commuting. When wearing this helmet, it's really easy to move your head around, without it feeling cumbersome. We get lots of customers commenting that they'd struggle to wear anything else after having experienced the lack of weight of this helmet.

The Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed features a massive viewing port, maximising visibility. You can barely see any of the helmet when you're wearing the XR1R Carbon Speed, the viewing port is that large. It makes for much safer riding and makes life-savers a doddle. We've sold the XR1R Carbon Speed to many racers who have an aggressive riding position and need a helmet with a large viewing port. One of the frequent comments we receive about the Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed is the way it eliminates buffeting. It's a very aerodynamic helmet, which allows it to cut through the air with ease. You'll notice the difference on any bike, but we've experienced a huge difference on naked bikes.

We sell the Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed with a quick release clear visor, free helmet bag and free personalised padding kit. It also comes with a breath guard and chin windstopper. If you want to really set off the look of your Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed, why not add the Nexx XR1R Dark Visor. For a 360 degree view of the Nexx XR1R Carbon Speed, watch our HD video by clicking the video tab above.

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