nexx xr1r carbon

The Nexx XR1R Carbon is "The Best Road Helmet I've Worn", according to MCN. As you'd expect from a top rating helmet, the Nexx XR1R Carbon is ECE 22/05, DOT and ACU approved. The three main features which set the Nexx XR1R Carbon apart from the competition are its weight, aerodynamics and the size of its viewing port.

At 1250g, the Nexx XR1R Carbon is one of the lightest helmets available. Perfect for easy life savers and overall maneuverability, plus it's less tiring on the neck. The viewing port is huge, maximising visibility and making for a safer ride. The Nexx XR1R Carbon eliminates buffeting, through superb aerodynamics, which makes for riding at higher speeds much easier. If you'd like to discover what other riders think of the Nexx XR1R Carbon, check out our customer testimonials.

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