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nexx xg100 muddy hog

Nexx XG100 Muddy Hog

Nexx XG100 Muddy Hog

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If Steve McQueen were alive today, this is the helmet he'd be sporting. Yes, Nexx have done it again with another spectacularly designed XG100, this time developed in collaboration with Portuguese custom bike builder, Maria Riding Company. Together, they've taken a huge handful of retro styling and mixed it with a bucket load of bang-up-to-date technology, to hand make this Nexx XG100 Muddy Hog, worthy of donning the head of film stars and you alike. This Nexx XG100 Muddy Hog looks right at home with your flat tracker, scrambler, custom, cafe racer or naked motorcycle. Black and green, with white highlighting, it features hand sculpted, retro graphics including the number 29 and Maria Riding Company logo.

When have you seen styling like it? If you're not the kind of guy to reach straight for a black lid, the Muddy Hog is one for your collection. Bold, high gloss paintwork, beautifully finished leather, perfectly stitched by hand, this helmet has been crafted with love and affection by a team of highly skilled Portuguese craftsmen and women. Say no to mass production and yes to individuality and personality. Check out the 'More Pictures' tab above, to see every angle of this gorgeous helmet and take note of the peak which is supplied with the helmet. It also comes with a 60% tint visor, which you can see in our video review. Bargain!

The shell of the XG100 Muddy Hog is made from a deliberate blend of carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres, called the X-Matrix. This makes the helmet 10% lighter than an one with an equivalent fibreglass shell and weighing in at just 1200g it feels super light on your head and in your hands. The X-Matrix shell is also a whopping 35% stronger than a fibreglass shell, we'll take that every day of the week, thank you Nexx! We've shot a video review of the XG100, so be sure to check that out, by clicking the 'Review' tab above. The Muddy Hog is available in sizes small to XL and you can see its latest availability by checking the..guess what...availability message towards the top of the page.

Nexx XG100 Helmet Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart to select your helmet size.

Nexx XG100 Helmet Sizing

Nexx XG100 Helmet Size Chart

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