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nexx xg100 devon

Nexx XG100 Devon

Nexx XG100 Devon

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The Nexx XG100 Devon is part of the Nexx X-Garage collection for 2016. ForMotorbikes has the very first available stock of these stunning new helmets and you can check stock by selecting your size in the drop down box above. If your size isn't listed as in stock, the first batch of these handmade helmets has already been sold, but don't worry, we have more stock arriving and will keep our latest stock position reflected in the size selector drop down, so place your order and we'll get it to you asap. Now onto the helmet itself...

Style and substance. Nexx have done it again. Adding to their award-winning XD1 and SX10 helmets, plus the hugely successful XR2, the XG100 is another example of why Nexx make some of the most stylish and protective helmets you can buy. Typically, a helmet in this sector would be made from fibreglass, thermoplastic resin or, at best, a tri-composite blend. The XG100 is hand-crafted from carbon fibre, aramid (another name for Kevlar), fibreglass and some organic fibres. This blend is called the X-Matrix. The organic fibres are very important. They make the shell 35% stronger than if they weren't present in the mix as well as lighter, so you can look super cool and rest in the knowledge that your head is properly protected. It weighs just 1200g.

The Nexx XG100 has been designed for riders of cafe racers, custom and naked bikes, who are looking for something a bit different, with stunning looks and delicious comfort. The helmet can be worn 'naked' showing a series of lovely studs, or you can attach the peak, which comes with the XG100. Then, you can choose whether to wear a pair of cool sunglasses, or the 60% smoked visor which, like the peak, is also included with the helmet (click the 'Video' tab above to see the helmet with and without the visor). Both the visor and peak secure onto the helmet via the lovely studs, three for the peak and one either side of the viewing port for the visor. The XG100 features Nexx's ergo padding system, which is a small kit which comes with the helmet, made up of 2mm and 4mm pads. Remove the inner lining, add these pads in any areas you want to provide extra thickness, then re-insert the lining, to tailor the fit to your exact head shape. Nexx helmets are very accommodating in shape, but this nice extra will come in handy for some, who want a little extra padding here and there.

The inner lining itself is washable, so you can freshen it up when necessary and it's made from breathable X.mart fabric, so allows your skin to breathe. The helmet secures with a double D-ring and is available in sizes from Small to XL, which spans 55cm to 62cm. Check out our sizing guide using the tab above, to help choose the correctly sized helmet for you. There's also an optional chin wind protector, which is available to buy separately. The XG100 is homologated by Nexx as ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR approved, but remember that when the helmet is purchased from the UK, it'll be supplied with an ECE sticker. If you're buying from overseas, check whether the ECE sticker is sufficient to comply with your local helmet laws.

Here are ForMotorbikes, we're blown away by the XG100. When visiting the Nexx factory in Portugal, we've seen the time and dedication which goes into making these handmade helmets. A team of 160 highly skilled craftsmen and women make every component, from raw material to final production. Sheets of carbon, leather and soft lining fabrics enter the factory to be transformed into what you see here, beautifully sculpted shells, perfectly stitched leather visor seals and soft, formed inner linings. All finished off by a beautiful paint finish. Once the shell has been formed, it goes through several more handmade processes to ensure that the paint finish really sings.

  • X-Matrix helmet shell of carbon, aramid (Kevlar), fibreglass and organic fibres, 35% stronger than tri-composite shell
  • 60% smoked visor included with the helmet, fastening to the sides of the helmet with studs
  • Removable peak included with the helmet
  • Inner lining made from soft X.mart dry fabrics, to allow your skin to breathe, which is removable and washable
  • Double-D Ring buckle for secure fastening
  • Optional chin wind stopper
  • The XG100 is ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR homologated by Nexx. Helmets purchased from the UK will come with an ECE 22/05 sticker
  • Chin ventilation
  • Available in sizes Small to XL (55cm to 62cm head measurement - see our sizing guide to choose your size)
  • Ergo Padding System to tailor the fit to your head shape
  • Weight: 1200g +/- 50g

Nexx XG100 Helmet Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart to select your helmet size.

Nexx XG100 Helmet Sizing

Nexx XG100 Helmet Size Chart

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