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nexx xg100

Nexx XG100 Helmet

New for 2018, the Nexx XG100R, adding to the already delicious Nexx XG100 line up. Already present are the Nexx XG100 Carbon, Dark Devil, Sugar Killer, Rocker, Speedking, plus 6 colours of the Nexx XG100 Purist. Bar none this is the coolest full face retro lid on the market. The XG100 is a match made in heaven for your scrambler, cafe racer, custom or naked. Choose how you wear it, it comes complete with a 60% smoked visor, a removable peak and in a multitude of irresistible designs; Purist, Devon, Bolt, Muddy Hog, Drake, Tokko and Bad Loser. Watch our Nexx XG100 review below and check out the range of tinted visors and peaks.

Nexx XG100 Review

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