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nexx xg10

Nexx XG10 Helmet

The Nexx XG10 is a classic three-quarter helmet, with styling inspired by the 60s and 70s. Hand made by Nexx and designed in collaboration with Portuguese custom bike builder, Maria Riding Company, it's a perfect match for riders of scramblers, cafe racers, naked and custom bikes. Watch our Nexx XG10 review below to learn about all of the details.

The X-Matrix shell is 35% stronger than a tri-composite shell at the same time as being super light, at just 990g. The helmet is available in a number of delicious designs, including the new XG10 Savage, plus the XG10 Purist, Devon, Muddy Hog, Bad Loser, Tokko and Drake. Check them all out above, plus the different colours of optional peaks. The XG10 is available in seven different sizes, XS to XXXL, and is composed from three different shell sizes. Nexx have worked hard to keep the size of the shell to the bare minimum without jeopardising safety. This helmet will be worn by riders looking for the ultimate in style and there's nothing worse than a huge lid ruining your look. The helmet comes naked as standard, but you can accessorise it with a peak, which is attached via three studs.

The helmet is ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR approved, for Europe, North America and Brazil respectively, but remember that when bought from the UK, it's supplied with an ECE sticker. It's secured with a double D-ring, the only appropriate method for a cool lid such as this and the inner lining is super soft, so nice and comfortable against your skin. It's also removable and washable, so you can freshen it up over time. The Nexx XG10 is an iconic, retro styled helmet, made for unconventional people. If you ride a Yamaha XSR 900 or 700, a Triumph Bonneville or Thruxton, or the likes of the Ducati Scrambler, the XG10 is a lovely complement to your ride. So if you're a Distinguished Gentleman, you've just found your next helmet.

  • The X-Matrix shell is 35% stronger than a tri-composite shell, as well as being lighter and more environmentally friendly in production
  • X-Matrix shell is made from carbon, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres
  • 3 shell sizes: XS-L | XL | XXL-XXXL
  • The XG10 is ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR homologated by Nexx, but supplied with an ECE sticker when purchased from the UK.
  • Double D-ring to secure chin strap
  • Soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric lining
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Weighs 990g
  • Peak available as an optional accessory (available to buy from ForMotorbikes)

Nexx XG10 Review

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