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Nexx XD1 Voyager

Nexx XD1 Voyagerride best buy

Nexx XD1 Voyager

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Nexx XD1 Voyager Helmet

The Nexx XD1 Voyager is one of three special graphics in the 2017 Nexx XD1 collection. The Nexx XD1 Voyager won RiDE Best Buy adventure helmet, beating Arai, Shoei, Touratech, AGV, Shark, BMW and more to this prestigious award and has proven its status in real world riding (check out our 'Reviews' tab above to read rider reviews).

The Nexx XD1 is the first Dual sport model from Nexx Helmets and one of the lightest on the market. The Nexx XD1 can be quickly and easily switched, without the need of any tools, between an off-road / adventure touring helmet to full-face street riding. For off-road riders, it also offers the versatility of using googles in dusty conditions. Tear Shaped, the XD1 represents Nexx's new X-Matrix technology, a process that combines carbon fibre, aramid (kevlar), 3D organic fibres and multi-axial fibreglass. The result is a super strong and lightweight shell, 35% stronger for extension and bending resistance than normal fibreglass. The chin area combines a unique shape, with a softer and rounder base edge, to reduce chest injury risk from frontal impacts.

The XD1 Voyager is equipped to accommodate the Nexx Helmets X-Com System, developed in cooperation with the renowned Bluetooth company Sena, as well as a wide range of Universal Communication Systems. Another unique feature comes with the options for accommodating helmet cameras; a removable support can be easily embedded in the top of the peak, plus there are helmet cam supports on both sides of the helmet. The X.D1 Voyager is also prepared for the Quick Strap System, plus it comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert as standard. ForMotorbikes ships the Nexx XD1 to anywhere in the world, with excellent value shipping rates, plus we provide free UK delivery. See below for the full specification of these revolutionary helmets. The XD1 Voyager is homologated by Nexx as ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR approved, remember that when the helmet is purchased from the UK, it'll be supplied with an ECE 22/05 sticker. If you're buying from overseas, check whether the ECE sticker is sufficient to comply with your local helmet laws.

Nexx XD1 Voyager Specs

  • Dual sport helmet; easily switch between off-road/adventure touring helmet to full-face street riding
  • X-Matrix shell of carbon, kevlar, fibreglass and 3D organic fibres
  • The XD1 is ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR homologated by Nexx. Helmets purchased from the UK will come with an ECE 22/05 sticker
  • 80% tint, retractable sun visor
  • Pinlock anti-fog visor supplied with the helmet
  • Three bespoke camera supports, to easily affix your helmet cam, one on the top and one on each side of the helmet
  • Aerodynamic Shell & Rim
  • Shell available in 2 different sizes: Shell 1 (XS-M)  |  Shell 2 (L-XXL)
  • 2 air inlets and 4 rear outlets for excellent air flow across the top of the head
  • Ventilation channels in the EPS lining for effective flow away from the ear area
  • Emergency release, removable cheek pads
  • PC Lexan Shield Clear with Anti-Fog position and Super Lock
  • FastShot quick release visor system
  • Panoramic Eye Port
  • CoolMax, soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric inner lining
  • 3D Inner Lining, removable and washable
  • Anti-noise Cheek pads
  • Chin Windstopper
  • Removable breath guard
  • Double D-ring to secure
  • New Block'N'Seal Visor System (with dual resistance visor) and X-SWIFT Quick Release System
  • Night vision reflectors
  • Special Chin Shape to reduce breast injury risk from frontal impacts
  • Ergo Padding System for bespoke fit

Nexx XD1 Voyager Colours

Nexx XD1 Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your head, immediately above the eyebrows and ears.

2. If applicable, allow some tolerance for very long or thick hair.

3. Use the helmet sizing chart to select your helmet size.

motorcycle helmet sizing motorcycle helmet sizing chart

Nexx XD1 - Customer Questions

Q: What's the difference between the Nexx XD1 and the Touratech Aventuro helmet?

A: Nexx are the manufacturers of the Touratech Aventuro helmet. The two helmets are near identical, with there being only four differences, as follows:

  • The Nexx XD1 has an internal sun visor, the Touratech Aventuro does not.
  • The XD1 has a dedicated intercom housing, to accommodate the Nexx X-Com bluetooth intercom flush to the shell, the Touratech doesn’t.
  • The Touratech shell is made from 100% carbon, whereas the XD1 features Nexx’s new X-Matrix shell, a blend of carbon, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres. This new blend is 35% stronger than when using fibreglass only in the blend with carbon and kevlar.
  • The price. For the solid colours, the Nexx XD1 is £319.99 and the Touratech Aventuro is £495.99

Q: Does the Nexx XD1 come with a Pinlock anti-fog insert?

A: ForMotorbikes sells the XD1 complete with a free Pinlock in the box.

Q: How do they fit?

A: The XD1 is a very accommodating helmet. The helmet shape has been designed to fit the majority of riders by matching it to the most common head shape. This is sometimes described as a neutral head shape. It's designed to fit snug, as a helmet should, to provide maximum protection. Use the sizing chart on this page (see 'Sizing' tab above) to select your size according to your head measurement. Don't rely on the size of your existing helmet, start with your head measurement, since different brands do vary. If you're in between sizes, for example 60.5cm, our experience suggests that it's better to go for a size up (i.e. the size XL in this instance), rather than the size down.

Q: How do I fit the X-Com intercom into the XD1?

A: We've put together some photographic instructions on how to install the X-Com (see installation instructions). The helmet used in the photos is a Nexx XT1 but the installation process is the same for the XD1.

Q: How many camera mounts does the helmet have?

A: Three. You can mount a helmet cam on either side of the helmet, or on the top, using the integrated mounts.

Q: Can I attach goggles directly to the XD1?

A: Yes, the XD1 Quick Strap allows you to attach goggles to the helmet, if you don't want to rely on putting the goggle strap around the back of the helmet. The quick strap is available as an accessory.

Q: What are the options in terms of tinted visors?

A: The helmet comes with a clear visor, plus a retractable sun visor. Available as accessories are an 80% tint visor and a 60% tint visor.

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Nexx XD1 Ride Best Buy

The Nexx XD1 has just been awarded Ride magazine's prestigious Best Buy award, beating all of the other leading adventure helmets; the Arai Tour-X4, Shoei Hornet ADV, BMW GS helmet, AGV AX8, Touratech Carbon, Shark Explore R and more. Here is the test summary, "The Nexx XD1 was the surprise of the test, from an unfamiliar Portuguese brand. The XD1 has the best mix of the features that most riders want, making it a superb road helmet with or without the peak, capable of being quickly altered for off-road use. Huge thought has gone into it and for a feature-packed helmet, £289 is a good price."

The full review - "Not heard of Nexx before? Join the club. But it's a name we need to get used to, because they plainly know what they're doing. The XD1 has everything an adventure helmet needs, making it our favourite all-round lid in this test: a great road helmet that can also keep you comfortable and safe off-road. It works on road with the peak and even better without it, reducing drag and making it a great helmet for naked or sportsbikes."

"There is a drop-down visor (unlike the very similar Aventuro), a sumptuous interior with quick-release cheek pads, good visor mechanism with Pinlock included and good venting. You can wear it all day on the road, the windstopper keeping out uncomfortable drafts. When you get off-road, taking the visor off is fiddly but needs no tools and you can wear goggles easily with the visor raised rather than removed (although taking it off should keep it safe from scratching). Then change the chin vent for the freer-flowing one you get in the box, pop your goggles on and go get dirty. It comes with side and top pods that have a flat surface on which to mount an action camera, more side pods to support quick-strap goggles, and the rubber chin spoiler is designed to prevent hyper extension. There is provision for a built-in communications unit. The XD1 weighs more than the Touratech Aventuro as it is made from a heavier construction - but it is also £100 cheaper."

"The Nexx wins because of its all-round ability, as well as its features and price."

  • Quality and finish - 9/10
  • Visor - 8/10
  • Interior - 9/10
  • Venting - 9/10
  • Comfort on-road - 9/10
  • Suitability for off-road - 8/10
  • TOTAL - 52/60

  • Nexx XD1 Reviews

    The Nexx XD1 helmet has been reviewed by leading motorcycle equipment reviewer webBikeWorld, rating the XD1 as 'Outstanding' and in summary said, “There are a lot of really good Dual Sport helmets out there and the Nexx XD1 has to be at the top of your list. It’s one of the lightest Dual Sport helmets available; it comes in some eye-popping colours and its list price is £100 ($150) less than the Arai XD4 and Shoei Hornet X2 (ADV). Besides having a significantly lower list price, the XD1 is also 60 grams (2 oz.) lighter than the Arai XD4 and a whopping 232 grams (half-pound) lighter than the Shoei Hornet X2, neither of which have the internal sun visor. When you combine the performance with the light weight and outstanding build quality, it's hard to beat the XD1.” (Watch the video review below or read full review).

    • Overall quality - 'Outstanding'
    • Shape, comfort & padding - 'Outstanding'
    • Visibility, face shield operation & internal sun visor - 'Outstanding'
    • Ventilation - Outstanding in the lower half and excellent on top - 'Outstanding'
    • Noise levels - 'Excellent'

    ADVmoto Review

    The Nexx XD1 adventure helmet has received yet another outstanding review, this time from ADVmoto, the adventure magazine and website. Here’s what they had to say: “It’s been never-ending, my quest for a helmet that fits so well it’s not begging to be removed by the end of a long ride. But now, after several weeks with the Nexx XD1, I may have found it…the ultimate adventure helmet. I was surprised by the light weight of the latest dual-sport/adventure helmet offering from Nexx. It’s barely 53 oz., beating every other helmet I own. And its vibrant colour scheme makes it stand out, extremely visible.

    A new safety feature we’re seeing more often these days makes removal of the helmet from a downed rider easier; Just pull on two red tabs and the inner cheek pads disengage, allowing medical technicians to safely remove the helmet without stress to the head or neck. As a bonus, this feature also makes it easier to clean the interior. I originally took the Nexx XD1 Voyager for six days of nonstop riding, 2000 miles, two rain storms, three days off road, plenty of interstate traffic, and summer heat. I was astounded by how well it felt and breathed. It’s been a big issue for me to find a dual-sport helmet that doesn’t squeeze my cheeks and is prescription glasses-friendly. This one features an internal drop-down sun visor with an 80% tint, which can be used with or without the outer visor, still leaving enough room for prescription glasses.

    The outer visor can also be removed for off-roading with goggles and the peak is detachable, too. I spent another week off-roading at a motorcycle training facility wearing the helmet all day during classes, and then on a tour of the northeast – pretty much nonstop for 5000+ miles. The XD1 performed flawlessly, never feeling heavy or unbearable. Through the rain storms it kept me dry. And, there was plenty of ventilation, keeping my head cool on hot days. The only real issues were slight vibration and wind noise from the beak when cruising at highway speeds. And, when using Bluetooth system, the wind noise was too loud for phone calls above 30mph.

    The Nexx XD1 Voyager has become my preferred helmet. I give it five stars as one of the best helmets I’ve owned. Barring a crash test I’m extremely happy with the way it’s held up and performed. I don’t think you can get a better helmet for the price. MSRP: $499” (ADVmoto)

    Nexx XD1 Customer Reviews

    The Nexx XD1 is rated 5/5 based upon 4 reviews.

    A further review on the Nexx XD1 after a couple of weeks. It's bedding in nicely, have used it with a Go Pro as well and it's a cracking helmet. Off to France in 3 weeks with it. It's without doubt the best helmet I've had and I used to use Arai. Thanks very much, Dave

    The XD1 has arrived and what a lovely lid!! Having recently ordered one of the new Touratech Aventuro adventure style helmets, when it arrived it was an impressive helmet. There is a good finish to the helmet, with excellent ideas like the removable peak to turn it into the street style helmet, and a plethora of accessories for this as standard. I did however , wonder who had made the helmet, and after a little internet searching came up with the company Nexx.

    The UK dealer is ForMotorbikes, and after accessing their website, saw that the Nexx version did differ somewhat from the Touratech. There are more colours to choose from, and more importantly the next did include a drop down internal sun visor. An order was placed and the helmet duly came promptly, and I have to say it is an impressive item. The finish does seem better, the drop down visor is great, and whilst the Touratech shell is carbon fibre, the nexx composite version is equally as good and no heavier it seems. The XD-1 for me does represent excellent value over the Touratech as the price is keener, but the colours available, and the drop down visor sell it for me. I do have to say what great service ForMotorbikes provided and I'm sure I'll be ordering another very soon.

    Dave Washington

    Had a chance to properly try the XD1 now! My comments below:

    • Field of view is amazing! It actually made going back to my race helmet seem claustrophobic.
    • Features and quality are a lot for the price. Feels like it should be more expensive.
    • Taking off the visor was reasonably easy, as was fitting the camera mounts to the RHS and the top.
    • Visor seems to lock into two or three different positions which work well for me. I like to open it up when I hit a 30/40mph and then close it for the national speed limits. It stays in place nicely where you put it once you find out exactly where the engagement points are.
    • A very airy feel on the road - felt like lots of ventilation around my ears and head compared to my Shoei X-lite.
    • Not too noisy, in fact about the same volume but at a different pitch compared to current.
    • No buffeting - despite the big peak.

    Paul Todd

    Thanks for the Nexx it. Good fit, X-Com fitted. Makes my old helmet feel very inadequate now!

    Minh-Man Tran

    Just purchased a Nexx XD1 Voyager. Have to say this helmet has everything; Good ventilation, Good comfy fit, Perfect vision with the Pinlock insert. The pull down sun visor is not too dark, as a lot are. Talk to Matt at ForMotorbikes about sizing, he put me right. Also they email you back promptly!

    Mick Walker

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