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nexx x40

Nexx X40 Helmets

The Nexx X40 is a really innovative helmet, homologated as both a full face and an open face helmet and is quickly transformed between the two via the removal of the chin guard. The X40 range includes the X40 Hypertech, featuring a 100% carbon fibre gloss shell, which is visible in the none-painted areas. It's 100g lighter than the regular X40, the shell of which is made from Nexx's X-Matrix of carbon, aramid, fibreglass and organic fibres, making it 35% stronger than a fibreglass shell.

The Nexx X40 can be worn with or without the full length visor, so you can choose between full wind protection, or when the weather heats up, enjoy the freedom of open face riding. Both versions of the X40 are ECE 22/05 approved in both full face and open face forms, so you can rest assured that you're protected, however you wear the helmet. Both the Nexx X40 and Hypertech have been through extensive wind tunnel testing, to maximise its aerodynamic properties and minimise noise levels. The Nexx X40 is the perfect helmet for touring or commuting, allowing you to adapt the helmet according to your riding conditions. It's compatible with the Nexx SX-Com bluetooth intercom, which you can check out below.

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