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nexx sx-com intercom

Nexx SX-Com Bluetooth Intercom

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Nexx SX-Com Intercom

The Nexx SX-Com has undergone a significant technical upgrade by its manufacturer, Sena, and the new unit is now in stock at ForMotorbikes.

The Nexx SX-Com Bluetooth Intercom is the new Nexx comms system developed in co-operation with the renowned bluetooth company Sena. The Nexx SX-Com has been especially designed in conjunction with the design of the new Nexx Switx, the SX60 open face and the Nexx X40 helmet, for easy communication with your pillion, riding mates, or for use with your bluetooth enabled smartphone. The Nexx SX-Com intercom is especially easy to install in the new Switx helmet, since its inner lining and interior were specifically designed so not to require any modification, which is also the case for the X40 helmet. All components of the intercom can be installed by simply manipulating Velcro and using the special inner cavity made for the Nexx SX-Com intercom.

The Nexx SX-Com is voice activated and the firmware can be upgraded to keep it up to date with the latest technological advances. You can register your SX-Com and update the firmware via this link. The Nexx SX-Com bluetooth intercom is available from ForMotorbikes and as the UK's leading Nexx stockist, we sell the Nexx SX-Com Bluetooth Intercom with FREE UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping. Here's a review of the SXCom from review site, WebBikeWorld.

Nexx SX-Com Specification

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth Intercom up to 200 meters (220 yards)
  • Multipoint: 2 phones or 1 Phone + 1 GPS
  • Voice Prompts
  • Bluetooth Stereo Music Streaming
  • Bluetooth Music Playback Control by AVRCP
  • Easy Operations by Two-button
  • Sufficient Sound Level with Integrated Audio Booster
  • Bluetooth Handsfree for Bluetooth Mobile Phones
  • Crystal Clear and Natural Sound Quality
  • Individual Volume Control for Each Audio Source
  • Installation Friendly Unibody Design
  • Firmware upgradeable (visit above link)
  • Peace of Mind – Thanks to the Two-year Warranty

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