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nexx switx SX.10

Nexx Switx SX10 Motorcycle Helmets

The supercool Nexx Switx has been awarded Motorcycle Product of the Year and Helmet of the Year by WebBikeWorld, summarising it as "One of the most unique and ground-breaking products we've ever seen.". The Nexx Switx is a revolutionary open face helmet, customisable by you, with loads of different colour combinations. It redefines helmet ventilation, through a unique patent-pending design and it's the most compact open face helmet available, designed to fit under the seat of any scooter or in the tail pack of your motorbike. It has a clear visor, plus a retractable sun visor and has been designed to perfectly accommodate the Nexx SX-COM bluetooth intercom.

Don't let its funky design fool you, the Nexx Switx is a serious helmet. Fully certified to ECE 22/05 and DOT for use in Europe and North America, it's tested to meet the latest safety standards for the road. Check out all of the available colours and optional shells below. The helmet is sold in 10 different colour combinations, as shown below, then you can tailor it to your own style, by purchasing different coloured shells and buttons. To see it in the flesh, check out the video at the bottom of the page, or visit the individual helmet pages. Also available is the SX-Com intercom, which has been bespoke designed to perfectly fit the Nexx Switx. Never has cool been this affordable.

Nexx Switx Helmet

The Nexx Switx (pronounced Switch) is a funky new concept in open face helmets, which can be customised by you! It's the smallest half-jet helmet featuring both clear and sun visors on the market, making it easy to carry and fit under the seat of your scooter or motorbike and it weighs just 1050g. As well as a protective shell, the Nexx Switx has a shell cover, which comes in lots of colours, so you can personalise it to your own distinctive style. You can even choose the colour of the visor attachments, putting you totally in control of your own look. The Nexx SWITX is available in the colours shown below, then you can accessorize it with different coloured shells and buttons to match your own distinctive look!

The Switx SX.10 features the new, patented Cooling Cover Tech system, the most advanced helmet ventilation system ever designed for an open face helmet. As you'll see in the video, you can move the entire outer cover back and forth, to regulate the amount on airflow. This facilitates an incredibly effective flow of cold air from the front air inlets across your head and out of the warm air outlets, so you can feel as cool as you look. As well as the external, clear sun visor, the Nexx Switx has an internal, retractable 80% tint sun visor, plus an anti-sweat and anti-allergic lining. The chin strap affixes with a micro-metric buckle, so it's a doddle to get on and off.

The Nexx Switx SX.10 is compatible with the new Nexx SX-Com bluetooth intercom, which fits to the side of the helmet and allows you to pair it with your bluetooth enabled smartphone, GPS or to communicate with your pillion or riding mates. When paired with your bluetooth-enabled smartphone, such as an iPhone, you can listen to music whilst you ride.

The Nexx Switx SX.10 helmet is ECE 22/05 and DOT approved, for use in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, plus NBR 7471:2001 for Brazil, so you can rest assured that it meets all of the latest safety standards and it's available in sizes XS to XXL. The Nexx Switx is available now from ForMotorbikes, the world's leading Nexx helmets stockist and we sell the Nexx Switx SX.10 with FREE UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping with excellent value shipping rates.

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