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Nexx XR3 Carbonnexx helmets 2018
from £399.99
Nexx XWED2nexx helmets 2018
from £329.99
Nexx XG100Rnexx xg100 racer
from £269.99
Nexx XWST2nexx helmets 2018
from £249.99
Nexx XG200nexx helmets 2018
from £269.99
Nexx XR2 Carbon
Nexx SX100
Nexx XG100
from £189.99
Nexx XG10
Nexx XR2
from £219.99
Nexx Switx SX.10
Nexx X40
from £199.99
Nexx SX60
Nexx X70
from £159.99
Nexx X-Com
Nexx SX-Com
Nexx helmets spare parts
from £14.99

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ForMotorbikes has been a Nexx helmets dealer for seven years and we know their range inside out. Which is a good job because it's a comprehensive range, with helmets catering for every segment of the motorcycle market. This year, 2018 sees even more new models, including the one that's going to take the market by storm, the XWED2. The XWED2 is the upgraded version of the RiDE Best Buy XD1. There's also the XWST2, the XG200 and the XG100R (XG100 Racer). The world really started to stand up and listen when Nexx released the Nexx XR1R Carbon five years ago. This quickly established itself as one of the best race helmets on the market, rivalling the dominant positions of Aria and Shoei. The helmet's 100% carbon shell provided an exceptionally light helmet, at just 1250g and it's huge viewing port gave a tall and wide view of the track or road, so it soon became a hit with fast riders. The XR1R Carbon has now been replaced by the upgraded Nexx XR2 Carbon, further improving on an already brilliant helmet, incorporating emergency release cheek pads, tears off, reinforced EPS impact lining to the sides of the helmet, plus stability spoilers on the top and lower parts of the lid.

Nexx helmets have since followed up on the success of the XR2 with the class leading Nexx XD1 adventure helmet (now replaced by the even better XWED2). This gave Aria, Shoei, AGV, Shark, BMW and more a good kicking in the RiDE adventure helmet test, being awarded RiDE Best Buy. The Nexx helmets 2018 range includes the first full face Nexx helmet available for under £150. Starting at just £149.99 for the solid colours, the Nexx SX.100 gives riders the opportunity to wear a premium, handmade Nexx helmet (in their Portuguese ISO-9001 factory) at a really competitive price. Nexx helmets have taken all of the learnings from their 14 year history to pack the SX100 full of features which you'd usually expect at a higher price point. As a result, the Nexx SX.100 comes complete with a retractable sun visor, advanced thermo-resin shell, ECE 22/05, DOT and NBR certification, a removable and washable inner lining, soft and comfortable anti-sweat fabric, anti-noise cheek pads, a chin windstopper, excellent ventilation optimised in wind tunnel testing, a free anti-fog Pinlock insert, quick release and anti-scratch visor, large viewing port, removable breath guard, a bespoke padding kit to fine tune the fit to your exact head shape and it's even prepared for Nexx's X-Com intercom, which sits beautifully flush to the helmet shell, so not to ruin the awesome lines of the SX.100 helmet.

In addition to the Nexx SX100, also worth your attention are the Nexx XG100 Carbon, the first time that the stunning, retro XG100 has been available with a 100% carbon shell, plus the XR2 Dark Devil and of course the aforementioned XD1 Canyon. Since we have such extensive, first hand knowledge of the Nexx helmets range, if you're in any doubt of which helmet is best suited to you and your bike, get in touch and we'll be delighted to help you. ForMotorbikes delivers Nexx helmets to anywhere in the world, with superb value and fast shipping, plus we offer Free UK Delivery and easy returns. We've included a sizing chart on every helmet page, to help you to get the right size first time, but if it doesn't fit you, don't worry, just pop it back to us and we'll exchange it for the correct size.

Nexx helmets have received some superb reviews from the leading motorcycle press and they are going from strength to strength with every helmet release. 2017 looks to be another great year for the Portuguese helmet manufacturer.

  • Nexx XD1 beats Arai, Shoei and BMW to Best Buy in Ride magazine's adventure helmet test - "The Nexx wins because of its all-round ability, as well as its features and price." (Ride)
  • Nexx XD1 Dual Sport helmet - "There are a lot of really good Dual Sport helmets out there and the Nexx XD1 has to be at the top of your list." (webBikeWorld)
  • Nexx XR1R full face helmet- "The best road helmet I've worn" (MCN) - The XR1R has been further improved in the form of the XR2.
  • Nexx Switx SX.10 open face helmet - Motorcycle Product of the Year & Helmet of the Year, "One of the most unique and ground-breaking products we've ever seen." (webBikeWorld)

Nexx Motorcycle Helmets

Nexx helmets are premium quality motorcycle helmets, beautifully crafted by hand in Portugal. Their quality, performance, style and price has established them as one of the most sought after helmet brands in Europe and North America. The entire Nexx helmets range is ECE and DOT approved, plus the Nexx XR2 and Nexx XR2 Carbon race helmets are ACU approved for track use.

All Nexx helmets are made in Europe and Nexx are continually innovating, to produce some of the best motorcycle helmets on the market. Nexx helmets are manufactured in an ISO9001-certified facility in Portugal and hand made to extremely high production standards. This is clearly evident in the quality of the materials used, such as their one piece carbon fibre shells, but also extends to the finishing touches, such as the quality of the leather stitching and paintwork. ForMotorbikes sells the full range and we stock as much of the range as possible. Visit the individual pages below, to find out all of the details and specifications.

Nexx helmets are taking the motorcycle helmet market by storm. Nexx are a Portuguese company who have been making motorcycle helmets since 2001 and are well known in mainland Europe and North America. ForMotorbikes first started working in partnership with Nexx in 2010 and have since become the world's leading Nexx helmets dealer. Nexx and ForMotorbikes share the same values, customer & safety focussed, extremely passionate about motorcycling, so it is no surprise that we work so well together. Like the staff at ForMotorbikes, everybody who works at Nexx helmets rides a motorcycle, so we all live and breathe our products.

Nexx may be a new brand to you and that is partly down to the fact that they don't spend a fortune on marketing, nor do they sponsor MotoGP or WSBK/BSB riders. Instead, Nexx place their energy into product innovation and quality, which has lead to remarkable helmets such as the Nexx XR2 Carbon, which at £299.99 is a fraction of the cost of other top-quality carbon helmets. They have once again pushed the boundaries of innovation, through the introduction of the Nexx Switx open face helmet, which is patented for its unique ventilation system.

Nexx have launched two bluetooth intercoms, the X-Com and the SX-Com. Developed by Sena, the X-Com has been specifically designed to fit the XWED2, XWST2, plus the SX.100. The SX-Com has been especially designed for the Switx SX.10 but it'll also fit the X40 dual sport helmet. Nexx continue to innovate to make their helmets amongst some of the very best you can buy. They don't rest on their laurels, even when they have a highly successful model such as the XR1R. Instead, they upgraded every element of the helmet which had room for improvement, resulting in the launch of the XR2, which has taken this sports helmet to another level, exceptionally well received by riders and reviewers alike.

We ship Nexx helmets all over the world, including the United States (USA), Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, India, Mexico, UAE and beyond. If you'd like to read more about what makes Nexx helmets so special, take a look at our dedicated section of reviews, features and testimonials.

Are Nexx Helmets any good?

Nexx helmets are one of the last remaining European manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, with the entire helmet production taking place in Portugal. So why choose to maintain manufacturing in the EU, a highly competitive market with high labour costs? The answer is simple, Nexx believe in having all of their knowledge centralised in one location. This not only allows them to maintain their unique position, but also as they develop and manufacture their helmets, they have complete control and understanding of their product. Doing everything in house allows them flexibility, speed of response and higher levels of customisation and service.

Nexx helmets have a 160-strong team of craftsmen and women who are extremely highly skilled in helmet shell sculpture, leather manipulation, stitching, paintwork and engineering. Rather like modern car production, Nexx's just-in-time methodology means that every individual Nexx helmet can be identified from start to finish. Every component is handmade and the average timescale for production is 14 days. ForMotorbikes stocks as many models, colours and sizes of Nexx helmets as possible, but sometimes we'll ask Nexx to make a helmet especially for one of our customers, if it is one of the rarer models.

Nexx's strict quality control carries all the way through production. Every helmet has more than 50 control steps, ensuring a perfect product. Since their birth 14 years ago, Nexx Helmets have maintained their commitment to safety, design and innovation to become one of the most admired motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world.

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