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drift motorcycle cameras

When deciding which motorcycle cameras to stock, we checked out the leading candidates. For bikers, the best available motorcycle cameras are the new Drift Stealth 2 and Drift HD Ghost S, so that's what we stock. Why mess around stocking other, lesser motorcycle cameras, when this is the best? They're affordable, do everything you want as a biker and are better than the Go Pro.

Both the Drift Stealth 2 and Drift Ghost S offer full 1080p HD resolution, a remote control for easy control when you're wearing gloves and importantly, microphone sensitivity adjustment. This is best set on one bar (out of three), to allow you to hear the soundtrack, without hearing a load of wind noise. Both the Drift HD Ghost S and the Drift Stealth 2 are really compact motorcycle cameras, which easily fit to your helmet, using the adhesive pads supplied, or via optional brackets for fixing it to your bike.

If you fancy yourself as a vlogger, add the Drift HD Ghost microphone, the cable for which you can feed through your helmet lining, for perfect positioning and to capture every word.

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