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Macna Revenge 2 Gloves

Macna Revenge 2 Gloves

Macna Revenge 2 Gloves featuring OutDry

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Macna Revenge 2 Gloves

Macna Revenge gloves are a touring/commuter glove, featuring new OutDry technology plus soft goat leather palms and a textile polyurethane upper. Similar to the Vantera, but featuring the textile upper instead of leather, the Macna Revenge is a three season glove and as such is a great choice for spring, summer and autumn, where you're likely to experience wet weather, but you prefer having extra feel rather than a winter lining.

OutDry is a patented Italian lamination process, where the waterproof yet breathable membrane is directly bonded to the glove outer, in this case leather. This provides a perfect seal, with no area for water to enter, so your hands stay lovely and dry. Traditional waterproof processes have a floating membrane, separated from the external outer layer, which can result in water entering the space between the layers, resulting in a heavy glove where your hands sweat because they can't breathe. OutDry is now being used by leading companies such as Nike in their sports clothing.

The gloves have external stitching for high levels of comfort and for your protection, they feature TPU sliders to the knuckle. On the palm, they have an RISC abrasion resistant protector, plus grip prints so that you can get a firm grip on your bike's handlebars.

For added comfort, these gloves have a 30° glove buckle, which is named as such because of the angle at which the wrist strap is positioned when securing the glove. Rather than the usual 90° angle, which can limit the blood flow to your hands, the 30° buckle keeps them nice and comfortable at the same time as keeping the gloves secure. Finally, the Macna Revenge has a ScreenCleaner rubber strip on the thumb of the left glove, so that you can easily wipe rain from your helmet visor. It's hard to find a three-season glove, packed with all these features at this price, so they're definitely worth your consideration.

Macna Gloves Sizing

1. Measure the circumference of your palm (in cms), at the widest point.

2. Select the corresponding size below. If you are unsure, email us at with your palm measurement, height and weight and we'll be happy to advise you.

  • Small = 17-19cm
  • Medium = 20-21cm
  • Large = 22-23cm
  • XL = 24-25cm
  • 2XL = 26-27cm
  • 3XL = 28cm
  • 4XL = 29cm
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