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macna gloves

The Macna gloves range includes both winter and summer gloves, leather and textile, plus three season waterproof gloves. There are a couple of important things you need to know about Macna gloves. Firstly, their leather race gloves are made in the same factory, using the same leather as Alpinestars gloves. But they're much cheaper, meaning you get a superb, protective and comfortable gloves for almost half what Alpinestars charge for their gloves. Secondly, Macna's premium waterproof gloves use OutDry technology. You'll soon be hearing a lot more about OutDry, since companies such as Nike have started using it in their clothing.

If you read the individual pages of Macna's waterproof gloves, such as the Polarctic, you can read all about this brilliant technology which ensures that your hands stay dry, even in heavy rain. If you want to read more about Macna's range of innovative features, visit our Macna features page.

Other clever innovations in the Macna gloves range, is the SP Cuff. You can easily secure the glove by simply pulling the SP Cuff and the glove strap will always centre itself, ensuring a good, secure fitting. You're bound to have experienced a time when you've needed to stop your bike and check your satnav or smartphone. Macna have incorporated touchTip into a selection of their glove range, so that you can operate your device without having to remove your gloves. Furthermore, some of the Macna range feature Screencleaner, a rubber strip which allows you to swipe rain from your helmet visor. Check out the glove specifications on the individual glove pages, to check out which features are included.

The 30° glove buckle is a really smart invention, which is named as such because of the angle at which the wrist strap is positioned when securing the glove. Rather than the usual 90° angle, which can cause the blood flow in your wrist to be affected, the 30° buckle keeps your hands nice and comfortable at the same time as keeping the gloves secure. The Ergo Thumb describes the clever way in which the leather area covering the thumb and index finger is designed, such that no folds develop in this area. By not doing so, there are no pressure points created in your hands, keeping you comfortable and concentrating upon the road, rather than your fingers. Finally, a Water Exhaust is featured on Macna's waterproof gloves which don't feature OutDry. It's small, so could go unnoticed, but it's an invaluable little innovation which allows any water residue which gets in between the outer shell and inner membrane to escape. Your hands still remain dry and the gloves don't get heavy with water.

All of these features add up to some of the best motorcycle gloves you can buy, so be sure to check out the range below.

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