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Macna Dry Cooling Vest

macna dry cooling vest

Macna Dry Cooling Vest

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For Sizing help, see 'Sizing' tab below.

Macna Dry Cooling Vest

The Macna Dry Cooling Vest keeps you cool and dry. Unlike other cooling vests, which require submersing in water and remain wet during use, the Macna Dry Cooling Vest has a 500ml reservoir which is filled with tap water. Heat from your body makes the water vaporise, keeping you cool and dry for up to 3 days. Once its empty, simply refill the reservoir and get back on the road! The Macna Dry Cooling Vest can decrease your body temperature by up to 15 degrees celcius when using 500ml of water. The vest is washable and anti-bacterial, so won't develop any nasty smells!

We've had excellent customer feedback on these Macna Dry Cooling Vests, having sold them to customers in Singapore, Australia, Holland and even to a production company who were shooting a motorcycle commercial in Morocco.

Click the 'Video' tab above to watch a rider review of the vest in action. Before you order, be sure to check out our sizing guide, by clicking the 'Sizing' tab above.

Macna Dry Cooling Vest Sizing

Use this sizing guide to select your vest size according to your chest measurement (inches).

  • Small/Medium = 37-40 inch chest
  • Large/XL = 41-43 inch chest
  • 2XL/3XL = 44-46 inch chest
  • 4XL/5XL = 47-49 inch chest
  • 6XL/7XL = 50-52 inch chest
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