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Macna Motorcycle Clothing

Macna are a premium motorcycle clothing brand, without the premium price tag. Take Macna's one-piece leather suits, made in the same factory as Alpinestars suits, using the same high quality leather but with a price of just £529.99 instead of over a grand for the Alpinestars. The reason why Macna can offer their products at these low prices is that they don't spend a fortune on sponsorship of MotoGP or WSB riders, which runs into millions of pounds for companies such as Alpinestars.

Macna are a Dutch company, who pride themselves on developing motorcycle clothing which looks good and perform brilliantly and their range includes full race leathers, two piece leathers, leather jackets, leather trousers, plus textile jackets and trousers. When designing their motorcycle clothing, Macna have thought carefully about all of the little details which make your ride more comfortable, like being able to adjust the cuffs of their jackets without having to remove your gloves. How many times has your current jacket driven you nuts whilst trying to do this? Similarly for the zips, Macna jackets have them large enough to grab with your gloves on, plus they lock into place to prevent them from flapping around in the wind. Brilliant.

Macna's waterproof motorcycle clothing achieves their waterproof properties through their Raintex DL system. This means that the breathable, waterproof layer is laminated directly to the outer shell, leaving no space for water to find its way in between. Clever huh? This way, only the outer shell gets wet, with the inner layer staying dry, along with your good self, so you can concentrate upon riding rather than thinking about how cold and wet your are. When you're cold and wet, you tense up and are more likely to have difficulty in the twisties.

The added benefit of the construction of Macna jackets is that they retain their breathability, since water can't penetrate the outer shell, blocking the membrane. That also means that when you stop for a much needed cuppa, the Macna waterproof jackets will dry quicker than conventional textile jackets. It also prevents them from smelling revolting the next time you go out for a ride.

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