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furygan urban gloves

If you ride a naked, custom or cafe racer bike, you sometimes want a glove that's going to suit your style and protect your hands, without going for a full on sports glove. For instances like this, Furygan's urban glove range perfectly fits the bill. The great thing about Furygan's gloves is that they've been through their Motion Lab, which rigorously tests them in tear, cut and impact testing. Here, the main glove fabric, external protectors, inner lining and even the stitching is tested over and over again, to ensure that Furygan's gloves perform out on the road, so that you can be sure that if you do come off the bike, they're going to protect your hands.

Check out the range of Furygan urban gloves below, which includes those featuring D3O impact protectors to the metacarpels, the finger bones connected to your knuckles. These finger bones are especially vulnerable if you come off your bike and D3O protectors help to reduce the impact, by spreading the energy across the material and away from your bones.

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