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Furygan Motorcycle Jackets 2017

Furygan jackets are premium quality motorcycle jackets which perform to a really high standard when you're out on your bike. That means they keep you protected, through the incorporation of CE certified impact protection, plus warm and dry. Take the new Furygan Cold Master jacket for example, which feature an integrated waterproof membrane to keep you dry, as well as a removable thermal lining, so that you can wear it in all weather conditions. It's also the warmest jacket Furygan have ever made. Let's not forget the new Titan Evo, the top of the range sports textile jacket, the aggressive Hurricane waterproof textile jacket, the cool urban Serpico and the Hero Evo retro summer jacket.

Furygan's jackets are designed with triple stitching in the areas which come under the most stress and they're designed to zip into Furygan trousers, through the provision of both short and long zips, to keep you protected and to keep out drafts. They really look the business too. Some of their textile jackets are designed with a sports cut, so that they replicate the shape of a leather jacket, but with the convenience of textiles. They're designed to fit snug, as they should to keep you warm and protected, rather than flapping around in the wind like a kite.

Furygan jackets use D3O impact protection rather than the more common kevlar. D30 have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for their motorcycle and military armour. The beauty of their armour, found in the shoulder and elbows of Furygan's jackets (plus back protectors in some of the range), is they are supple when not under stress, allowing you to move freely on and off the bike. Upon impact, the armour immediately hardens to spread the energy of the impact away from your body. After impact, the armour returns to its normal state, allowing it to be used again. Clever stuff huh. To read more about it, visit our information about D3O.

Furygan are a French company and their jacket sizing is typical of stylish, European fitting motorcycle clothing. Use our sizing guides on each of the product pages, with the knowledge that Furygan jackets are designed to be a slim fit. Go by your regular chest measurement and if you ride with just one thin layer underneath your jacket, such as a T-shirt, choose the size which matches your chest size. If you like to ride with layers underneath your jacket, such as a micro-fleece, you're best going up one size from that indicated by your chest measurement.

Check out the videos on our product pages, where we explain and demonstrate the fit of jacket. If you're still unsure, send us your chest measurement, height and weight, using the contact form at the top of the page and we'll do our best to help you. Our flexible returns policy makes it easy should you go for the wrong size, but it's always good to nail it first time around.

The Furygan jackets range also includes summer jackets, with venting panels in the chest area, to allow for a nice flow of cooling air to your body. During the summer months, it's tempting to go out on the bike with fewer items of protective clothing, to keep yourself cool, but Furygan have some really nice options for keeping you safe and cool. The Furygan Skull Vented jacket is one such jacket, which not only keeps you cool, but incorporates protective armour to the elbows and shoulders. It also has a pocket for a back protector, plus Furygan's Skin Protect Lining, designed to pass tear, cut and abrasion tests, further keeping you protected whilst out on the bike.

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