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furygan leather trousers

Furygan leather trousers are designed to keep you protected whether on the road or track. Furygan develop their leather motorcycle trouers in their dedicated Motion Lab, which ensures they pass CE certified levels for protection (89/686/CE). Furygan leather trousers have been developed through extensive safety testing in three specific areas; abrasion resistance, tear resistance and impact absorption.

Furygan's focus on safety isn't limited to just the main construction materials, they utilise triple stitching to significantly reduce the possibility of the trousers tearing if you're unlucky enough to have an off. Furygan leather trousers have stretchy comfort panels in the areas which require flexibility over protection, such as the back of the knee and the groin. Furygan make leather trousers for the road and for the track, with the Bud Evo, Veloce and Shifter trousers featuring knee sliders for those who can get their knee down on track, whilst the Highway are a leather trouser designed for the road but with a race fit and styling. They are have connecting zips, suitable for matching Furygan leather jackets.

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