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furygan gloves

In selecting which products to sell, ForMotorbikes carefully evaluates how they perform. For gloves, that means we need to be satisfied that they deliver safety and performance. Furygan gloves meet both criteria, thanks to the efforts they go to in their Motion Lab. Here, Furygan performs abrasion, impact, cut and tear testing, to ensure that their gloves withstand the effects of a spill. As a result, Furygan motorcycle gloves pass CE certified standard 89/686/CE.

Next, we examine whether the different types, such as sports, urban or winter gloves, have the technical specification to suit the kind of riding they're designed for. Furygan tailor their gloves to optimise their required performance, whether that be extra emphasis on impact protection for sports gloves, or cold and water resistance in their winter gloves.

Take the Furygan Land Pro winter glove as an example, they have been designed and tested to EN511:2006 to ensure that your hands stay dry and insulated from the cold. Furygan's sports gloves range, such as the AFS-110, uses goat leather, their reinforced Skin Protect Lining, plus external knuckle, finger, side and palm protectors, to maximise their ability to withstand impact, abrasion, cuts and tearing.

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