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Forma Tribe Boots

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Forma Tribe Boots - Waterproof

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Forma Tribe Waterproof Boots with OutDry

Forma Tribe boots are a waterproof touring/urban ankle boot which have class-leading waterproof technology, OutDry, to prevent water from entering the boot. By laminating the waterproof membrane to the boot upper, which in the case of the Tribe boot is full grain leather, there's no gap for water to enter. In lesser waterproofing methods, water resides between the boot upper and the waterproof membrane, which prevents your feet from breathing and makes them cold.

Forma Tribe boots are a comfort fit, using Forma's special urban/touring footbed, so they're especially good for people wanting a little more width for comfort. The upper of the Tribe boot is made from oiled, full grain leather and they're CE certified, thanks to ankle, heel and toe protection.

Forma Tribe boots have an innovative footbed, which allows ventilation inside the boot, thanks to a pump effect in the central part of the footbed and exhaust vents to the front and rear, to help keep your feet comfortable and aired. Italian designed and made in Europe, Forma Tribe boots have a dual flex midsole, reinforced ankle support, plus soft polymer padding with memory foam to shape to the contours of your feet.

Forma Tribe Specification

  • OutDry waterproofing to keep your feet dry and comfortable
  • Full grain leather upper and tongue
  • Padded leather tongue for added comfort
  • Reinforced ankle protectors (internal)
  • Soft polymer padding with memory foam, to mould to your foot shape
  • Laces and velcro band to secure
  • Air ventilation pockets in the footbed, to keep your feet comfortable

Forma Tribe Boots Sizing

If you're unsure between two sizes, our experience suggests it's best to go for the larger of the two sizes.

Remember to make allowances if you ride with thick socks.

  • Size 36 = UK 3
  • Size 37 = UK 4
  • Size 38 = UK 5
  • Size 39 = UK 5.5
  • Size 40 = UK 6
  • Size 41 = UK 7
  • Size 42 = UK 8
  • Size 43 = UK 9
  • Size 44 = UK 9.5
  • Size 45 = UK 10
  • Size 46 = UK 11
  • Size 47 = UK 12
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