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forma motocross boots

Forma MX Boots

Forma motocross boots are amongst the best money can buy. An Italian company, Forma boots are made in Europe, not the Far East and the quality shows. Top motocross and enduro riders put their trust in Forma mx boots and so should you; Kevin Strijbos, Christophe Charlier and Filip Bengtsson in MXGP, Max Anstie in MX2, Alex Salvini in Enduro E2 and Alessandro Botturi in the Dakar Rally World Championship all wear Forma boots. Forma were born in the 1990s and the owners bring with them 25 years of experience in making motorcycle boots. Prior to creating Forma, they were owner/managers of the largest OEM off-road motorcycle boots producer in the world. All Forma motocross boots are CE approved to EN 13634:2010/12 and are rigorously tested by the testing and research specialists, Ricotest. With this vast experience, Forma has developed innovations in performance and protection, ensuring that you can perform to your best, whilst maximising safety, on and off track.

Let's firstly turn our attention to the measures that Forma take to protect you whilst you're on the bike. The ankle is one of the most complex joints in the human body and Forma pay special attention to this vulnerable area when developing their mx boots. At the very top of the motocross boots range is the Forma Predator, as worn by leading Forma riders in MXGP and MX2. The Predator features the Dual Pivot Flex Control System, made from carbon fibre and fibreglass, which gives you freedom to move whilst preventing overextension of the ankle joint. It achieves this through a double pivot, which allows you to move your ankle in a perfectly natural way, but prevents it from backward flexing beyond an angle of 33% from vertical, thereby protecting your ankle from injury if forced to move abruptly backwards. The Dual Pivot system also protects your ankle from lateral movements, with a maximum side to side movement of 15% from vertical. As you move down the Forma mx boots range, ankle protection isn't glossed over. The standard Flex Control System features on both the Forma Dominator and Terrain TX series, which uses a similar technology to prevent overextension of the ankle joint. The main difference between the two systems is the Dual Pivot system allows for more freedom of movement, provided through the double pivot system.

Forma motocross boots have plenty more safety features to keep you protected. Firstly, the Zama toe protector, which features on the Predator and Dominator Comp 2.0, is made from a strong and light blend of aluminium, magnesium and zinc, finished with an anti-corrosion treatment. Injection moulded protectors reduce impacts to the heel and toes, large protective plates do the same for your shins and the front of the boots feature a series of new EVA moulded panels, to protect both your legs and the boot buckles from abrasion. Whilst we're on the subject of buckles, they're made from aluminium, so will take a good amount of punishment. If they do happen to take a huge hit, you can replace them without the need to change the whole boot. They have a double hinge, providing an easy and precise action. So that you can get a good grip on the bike's frame without scorching your leg, Forma insert rubber heat grippers to the calf and ankle. For 2016, there are new double density, bi-injected rubber soles, to provide maximum tear resistance.

Forma make bespoke foot moulds for each of their different boot categories and their MX boots are no exception. The shape of the boot inner is therefore made to optimise function on track. You'll stay comfortable, thanks to the use of thermoformed and ergonomic ankle padding, made from protective, shock absorbing polyurethane material. The inner lining is water and sweat resistant, so you can concentrate on your performance, rather than that of the boots. All of the range have replaceable, anti-bacterial footbeds, so you can freshen them up after owning them for longer periods. They also have a steel shank in the mid-sole, to provided essential stiffness and stop the sole from bending against your foot's natural movement, further protecting your feet. Take a look through the Forma motocross boots range and join top mx and enduro riders who put their trust in these top quality boots.

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