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Forma Adventure Boots

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Forma Adventure Boots

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RiDE Best Buy - Forma Adventure Motorcycle Boots In Stock

RiDE magazine has just awarded the Forma Adventure boot their prestigious Best Buy award. The Forma Adventure is stylish, waterproof adventure boot, equally suited to on or off-road riding. They're a best seller and customers love these boots because not only do they look the best boot in their class, but they have all of the features of more expensive boots, but at a really competitive price. Manufactured in Europe, Forma Adventure boots are CE Certified to EN13634:2010, which is the latest safety standard for motorbike boots.

Forma Adventure boots are made from full grain, oil treated leather which are double stitched in the areas that come under the most stress. They're genuinely waterproof, thanks to their Drytex tubular inner liner. Drytex is similar to Goretex in that it allows the feet to breathe, whilst also keeping them dry. The added benefit of the Drytex membrane is that the seams are thermo-welded, rather than stitched, so moisture can't penetrate through any gaps to your feet (because there aren't any!). They're also light for an adventure boot, weighing just over 1kg, which really helps to limit fatigue when you're riding for longer periods.

The Adventure boot is very comfortable, thanks to its soft, polymer inner padding, with memory foam, which adapts to the contours of your feet. They're stiff to begin with, but they soon soften to accommodate your foot shape. They also feature TPU moulded plastic protection to the shin and ankle areas, protectors to the toe and heel, plus a padded rear collar for added comfort. The sole of these Forma Adventure boots is a double density compound, tailored for off road use, with an especially strong nylon midsole. They have three adjustable buckles to secure the boot, which are nice and tough, so will take a bit of a battering off road. The buckle bases can be replaced if the worst happens, since they're screwed, rather than riveted, to the boot. There's also a handy polyurethene deflector immediately below the bottom buckle, to prevent branches getting stuck underneath it, plus a gear change protector.

Forma Adventure boots are really versatile and we've sold them to all kinds of riders, tourers, off road, green laners, plus even men and women wanting a cool looking boot for the snow! Check out our HD video to see how these stunning motorcycle boots look from every angle and click the 'Review' tab to read a comprehensive customer review of the Forma Adventure boot.

  • Oil treated, full grain leather dual sport boot
  • Double stitched in the critical areas for extra tear resistance
  • Fully waterproof, with Drytex thermo-welded membrane
  • Lightweight at just over 1kg per boot
  • Plastic shin protectors
  • Ankle joint protector plus toe and heel reinforcements
  • Memory foam footbed for extra comfort
  • Rugged double density compound sole
  • Super strong, replaceable buckles
  • CE Certified to EN13634:2010
  • The best looking boot in their class

Forma adventure boots are also available in black.

Forma Adventure Boots Sizing

This sizing chart is specifically for Forma Adventure boots, not a generic boot chart, so it's the best guide you'll get for choosing the correct size. If you're in between sizes (i.e. a UK half size and a half size isn't available), go up a size, rather than down.

Remember to make allowances if you ride with thick socks.

  • Size 38 = UK 5
  • Size 39 = UK 5.5 (the internal length of the size 39 boot is 25cm)
  • Size 40 = UK 6 (the internal length of the size 40 boot is 25.5cm)
  • Size 41 = UK 7 (the internal length of the size 41 boot is 26cm)
  • Size 42 = UK 8 (the internal length of the size 42 boot is 27cm)
  • Size 43 = UK 9 (the internal length of the size 43 boot is 27.5 cm)
  • Size 44 = UK 9.5 (the internal length of the size 44 boot is 28cm)
  • Size 45 = UK 10.5 (the internal length of the size 45 boot is 29cm)
  • Size 46 = UK 11 (the internal length of the size 46 boot is 30cm)
  • Size 47 = UK 12 (the internal length of the size 47 boot is 31cm)
  • Size 48 = UK 13
  • Size 49 = UK 13.5

RiDE Best Buy Award

One of the most distinctive sets here (especially in brown), the Italian-made Forma Adventure takes a little getting used to as it has a very chunky sole, resulting in a slight loss of feel you get on the foot controls. It's a supremely comfortable boot, easy to walk in, with enough shin and ankle protection for easy-to-medium terrain, with good-quality replaceable fasteners. The boot excelled in the waterproof testing - both feet stayed bone dry. The value is unbeatable but watch out: sizes come up small, so be sure to order one size up (see the ForMotorbikes' sizing chart for real measurements).

Forma Adventure Boots Customer Review

Recently, I saw a picture of a pair of Forma Adventure Boots on Facebook and I wondered how they'd work for adventure riding, compared to my favourite pair of motocross boots (Gaerne SG-10). I never found my motocross boots to be uncomfortable, but they are a bit heavy and somewhat stiff for walking around, something that you do a lot more of when exploring. As its name suggests, the Forma Adventure Boot is purpose built for the demands of adventure riders and even dual sport. This includes everything from light duty trails, dirt/gravel roads, and tarmac to walking around, exploring a national park, landmark or lunch on your way home. The Forma Adventure Boot is designed in Italy and manufactured in Romania. On the outside, they feature a full grain, oiled leather upper in your choice of black or two-tone brown and black. The tough, moulded rubber sole has an aggressive lug pattern, much like that of a good hiking boot and the hardened composite toe and heal protects from hazards. Forma chose composite over steel because the later can turn from a severe impact, causing further injury.

On the top of both boots is a textured, plastic patch that gives your shift lever a grippy spot to index your foot and it also protects the leather from wear. The boot has adjustable straps, a three buckle enclosure that Forma lists as "unbreakable", and the top of the boot is secured with a Velcro. On the inside, the boot features memory foam and a replaceable, anti-bacterial foot bed. The boot is lined with Drytex that is claimed to be both waterproof and breathable.

The Forma Adventure Boot is priced at £184.99 and overall, it looks and feels like a quality product. The stitching is tight and uniform, doubled in critical areas. The buckle bases are metal and screwed to the boot (vs. riveted), so easily replaced as necessary. I've never had a riding boot where the sole is moulded to the upper. It appears to be well done, but time will tell on how it holds up in comparison to glued and sewn soles. I'm expecting this boot to be durable and long lasting.

My rule of thumb for gear is that if I forget about it when I'm riding, it's comfortable. That's what happened with the Forma Adventure Boot. Slip them on, buckle them up, and go riding. There is no boot break-in required. Sizing appears to be true and Forma includes the insole length for each size. In terms of calf size, with the buckle straps adjusted to their longest and the Velcro enclosure set at max open, the circumference measured 18". Take out a 1/2" for a moto sock and call it 17.5" max calf size.

The boot opening does vary according to the size of the boot, mine being size 10. Of course, it's always a good idea to try footwear on before you buy, but hopefully this info will tell you if the boot is a ballpark candidate. The Forma Adventure boot was easy to adjust for a secure fit and very comfortable. While this isn't a direct comparison with my favourite motocross boots, the Forma Adventure Boots feel so light, I had to break out the scale and check the weight of each boot. Not a huge deal when riding, but the longer you ride and the more you walk around, the more you appreciate how light these puppies are. Sure, they aren't as armoured as a hardcore enduro boot, but they weren't designed to be. However, the composite reinforced heel & ankle areas provide good lateral support, there are internal polyurethane "pucks" on both sides of your ankle that provide impact protection, a hard plastic shin plate, and hardened toe box. In terms of the boot's soles, they offer excellent peg traction (wet or dry) and so far, show no signs of wear. And, my bike has fairly aggressive Pro Moto Billet Adventure Footpegs on it. The soles offer good flex from the instep to the toes, allowing the boot to be a good walker, while the mid sole to the heal a firm enough to give you solid support over the footpeg.

Are the boots waterproof? As least in my testing, yes. I wear over-the-boots pants, so only the boots from the ankle down are exposed. On rides that included some moderately deep puddles and water overflowing some rural dirt roads, completely dry feet. But, I wanted to test them more aggressively, so I gave my kid the garden hose and told him to hose my feet down. Again, completely dry. At the same time, the boot liner does seem to breath well. It's summer in central Florida, so it's in the low to mid 90s daily with plenty of humidity. I won't say that my feet didn't get hot, but my socks didn't become saturated with sweat either. Considering these weather conditions, I'm happy with the performance. Lastly, there was no learning curve in terms of shifting and braking. The boot toe box is not overly chunky, so foot controls feel and action was positive.


  • All day comfort.
  • Easy to walk in.
  • Excellent foot peg grip.
  • Good foot controls feel.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Moderately priced.


  • Foot bed inserts get pulled up each time you remove the boots.
  • Moulded soles are not replaceable.

I really like the Forma Adventure Boot. For their intended purpose, Forma created a competent boot with no glowing flaws. They are very comfortable, easy to ride in, waterproof, and offer decent protection for a boot that is also a good walker. At a retail price point of £184.99, I think that they represent a good value, so if you're in the market for an adventure specific riding boot, you'd be well served to go try on a pair.

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