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Drift Ghost S

drift ghost s

Drift Ghost S Camera

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Includes Remote, Battery, Goggle & 2 x helmet mounts.

Drift Ghost S Video

Drift Ghost S

The Drift Ghost S is a further upgraded version of the superb Drift HD Ghost. The new features of the Drift Ghost S are as follows:

  • Double the frame rate - 1080p @ 60fps
  • Amazing 3.5 hour battery life!
  • Scene Mode for shooting in different lighting conditions - low-light, vivid and normal modes.
  • Clone Mode for controling up to four Drift Ghost S cameras from one master Ghost S - shoot synchronised videos from multiple angles.
  • Change the bit rate compression - normal and high bit rates to determine how much of data from the original footage you want to retain.
  • Flat Rotatable Lens - 300º lens rotation so that you can always achieve a perfect horizontal shot and now the lens is flat, rather than fish-eye, to provide a better wide angle shot in 160º.

The Drift Ghost S is the best camera for bikers, bar none. You're bound to have researched the Go Pro and are weighing up which one to get. Get the Drift Ghost S, it's miles better for bikers. Why? Check out the video review on the tab above to see just how stunning the images are from the Drift Ghost S, especially in low light conditions. Like the previous incarnation, the Drift Ghost S is miles more compact than the Go Pro, perfect for a helmet camera, or for affixing to your bike, plus the remote control makes it a doddle to operate when you're wearing gloves.

The Drift Ghost S offers full 1080p HD resolution, now at 60fps, so your footage will look crystal clear. It has an adjustable microphone sensitivity setting, so you can avoid the soundtrack being just a load of wind noise (Handy tip - This is best set to one bar out of three). The Drift Ghost S comes with two adhesive helmet mounts, one flat, one curved, plus the remote control, goggle strap mount and rechargeable battery. You'll need to buy an SD card, to which the camera saves its footage. We highly recommend a Micro SD (SDHC) Class 10 memory card, since they provide considerably faster access to your footage than the other available Classes.

The Drift Ghost S has a 2" LCD scratchproof screen, which is easily big enough to review your footage, has video tagging and is waterproof to 3m, so you needn't worry if you get caught in the rain whilst riding. It's also Wi-Fi enabled, so if you have an iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad, you can download the awesome free Drift App (available free here - opens new window), to see your live or recorded footage on either device. You'll love it!

Another really nice feature of the Drift Ghost S is the ability to rotate the lens through 300°, so that regardless of what angle the camera is fixed to your helmet or bike, you can ensure that your resulting movie is perfectly level on the horizontal plane. The lens is now flat, rather than fish-eye, so you can get fantastic wide angle shots up to 160º.

    Included accessories:
  • Remote control
  • Flat helmet mount
  • Curved helmet mount
  • Goggle strap mount
  • Rechargeable battery

    Required additional accessories:
  • Memory card - we recommend a Micro SD (SDHC) Class 10 card.

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