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Factories and craftsmen said they'd be impossible to make. They said they'd be technically too difficult. They were wrong. Del Rosario's vision is to reinvent motorcycle protection and to this end, Del Rosario Resistor gloves are the one of the first motorcycle gloves in the world with level 2 certification (at the time of writing, the gloves have easily passed internal level 2 certification tests and are awaiting testing and approval by SATRA). When it comes to choosing motorcycle gloves, you used to have to decide between ultimate protection and ultimate feel. Not any more, because the Del Rosario Resistor glove has achieved what no other motorcycle glove has achieved, in combining better all-round protection than any glove on the market, whilst maintaining the feel and articulation of tactical gloves.

ForMotorbikes has been in discussions with Del Rosario NYC since back in 2014, when they first released the concept of their level 2 gloves. We like to work with cutting edge motorcycle product designers, who have a vision of bringing something new and different to the marketplace, especially when they deliver better than ever protection and performance for us riders. So, when we first heard of the Del Rosario Resistor design coming out of the US, we were determined to develop a partnership with them.

Since 2014, it's been a long and very expensive road to turn the vision of the design into production. In the beginning, production companies the worked with just didn't have sufficient skill to produce the complex, exoskeletal design. Hundreds of R&D hours and many prototypes later, Del Rosario found the perfect partner and the gloves are now in final production, for release into the marketplace. They'll first hit the US market, fulfilling pre-orders, before shipping them to us in the UK, so whilst they're getting geared up, we thought we'd take the opportunity to ask you what you think of the new Resistor gloves. Add your comments in the form below.

They'll first be available as a shorter glove, with a full gauntlet version coming in the autumn. They're available in both perforated and non-perforated versions. There's a leather and an Ultrasuede® version, so you can choose exactly what style and material you want to suit your type of riding. To read more about the Del Rosario Resistor glove, click the picture below.

Del Rosario Resistor Gloves Design

What do you think of the new level 2 Del Rosario Resistor gloves? Use the form below to give us your opinion and we'll publish your comments here on our website!

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