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d3o motorcycle armour

ForMotorbikes team up with only the best motorcycle clothing companies and D3O is no exception. D3O have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for their innovations in military, motorcycle and sporting armour. Their products include Level 2 back protector inserts, shoulder & elbow, plus knee protectors, and the XP1 full race back protector, to give you the maximum available protection in the event of a spill.

The materials used in D3O's motorcycle armour are the latest technological solutions, designed to provide protection and comfort. The molecules which form the material in the motorcycle armour, reversibly lock upon impact, then return to their original state after impact. This means that under normal conditions, the material is soft and flexible, allowing you much more freedom to move on the bike than you're used to with traditional armour. Then, if you're unfortunate enough to have a spill, the molecules lock, causing the material to stiffen and absorb huge amounts of energy, rather than it being transferred to your body. After impact, the material returns to its normal form, soft and flexible.

The end result of using this Level 2 CE certified (EN1621-2) armour is fewer injuries and a much more comfortable ride when you're in and out of the saddle. Check out the video on the back protector page, where you can see the material used in their construction, plus a testimonial from Sam Lowes, World Supersport Champion, who uses D3O armour to keep himself protected on track.

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