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D3O Level 2 Back Protector

D3O Level 2 Back Protector

D3O Level 2 Back Protector

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Watch our video featuring the D3O level 2 back protector

D3O Back Protector Insert - Level 2

The difference between CE Level 1 and CE Level 2 back protectors is measured by the amount of energy they can absorb, thereby limiting the amount of force transmitted to your body, in this case your spine and supporting muscles & tissues. The vast majority of back protectors, both inserts and standalone, are certified to CE level 1. This D3O back protector insert is Level 2, CE Certified to EN1621-2, meaning that in the event of an accident, your body suffers less impact as you hit the ground.

D3O have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for the innovative technology which appears in their military equipment as well as sporting and motorcycle armour. The material used in this back protector is rather clever. Unlike other back protectors which tend to be stiff and uncomfortable, the D3O back protector is soft and flexible, allowing you to move around more freely on the bike and be less restricted. The molecules which form the material of the back protector, reversibly lock upon impact, then return to their original state after impact. So, the material is 'intelligent' in that it is supple in normal riding conditions and rigid only when you need it to be.

The D3O level 2 back protector comes in four different sizes, to fit multiple jacket sizes, from Small to XL. Check out our sizing guide by choosing the 'Sizing' tab above. The thickness of the back protector is 18mm in all sizes. Check out the 'Video' tab above to see our own video explaining the benefits of this level 2 D3O back protector as well as a demonstration of just how flexible it is when not under the force of an impact.

D3O Back Protector Sizing

Measure your jacket's back protector pocket, then, using the dimensions in the table below, choose the appropriately sized back protector.

Size Dimensions (W x H) (mm) Weight (g)
Small 241 x 365 353
Medium 268 x 400 431
Large 295 x 455 492
XL 316 x 477 611
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