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D3O Knee Protectors

D3O Knee Protectors

D3O/Furygan Knee Protectors (pair)

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These D3O/Furygan level 1 knee protectors are miles better than the competition, so whether you're looking to replace those supplied with your bike trousers, or they didn't come with any, these are a great choice. We consider D3O motorcycle armour to be the best there is, due to both their form and function. They've been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for their innovations in military, motorcycle and sporting armour.

The materials used in these D3O knee protectors are the latest technological solutions, designed to provide protection and comfort. The molecules which form the material in the motorcycle armour, reversibly lock upon impact, then return to their original state after impact. This means that under normal conditions, the material is soft and flexible, allowing you much more freedom to move on the bike than you're used to with traditional armour. Then, if you're unfortunate enough to have a spill, the molecules lock, causing the material to stiffen and absorb huge amounts of energy, rather than it being transferred to your body. After impact, the material returns to its normal form, soft and flexible. Seriously impressive.

If you're looking to add a back protector, definitely look at the D3O level 2 back protector (below), it's the best available for slotting into the back pocket of your jacket. It's level 2, which means less energy in transferred to your back in the event of an accident, with the back protector dispersing it instead.

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